5 Greenberg Traurig Lawyers Recognized as Who’s Who Legal Thought Leaders: Asset Recovery

July 29, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Five distinguished lawyers from Greenberg Traurig’s London office have been honored as 2023 Who’s Who Legal Thought Leaders: Asset Recovery.
  • Claire Broadbelt and Annabel Thomas are ranked within the directory’s Global Elite, a testament to their exceptional legal prowess.
  • The recognition reflects Greenberg Traurig’s prominence in the field of asset recovery and its dedication to providing top-tier legal services worldwide.

About Greenberg Traurig: A Multidisciplinary Legal Powerhouse

Greenberg Traurig, a global law firm with over 2650 attorneys in 45 locations across the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia, stands as a beacon of legal excellence and client-centric service. The firm’s London office, comprising more than 138 lawyers and growing, has solidified its reputation as a multidisciplinary legal powerhouse.

With partner-led advice and a commitment to meeting the diverse needs of domestic and international clients, Greenberg Traurig in London boasts a dynamic team of legal experts covering a wide range of sectors, including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, energy, real estate, financial services, automotive, retail, and communications.

As the legal landscape evolves, Greenberg Traurig continues to innovate, providing superior client service, promoting diversity, engaging in philanthropic initiatives, and embracing sustainability efforts by powering its U.S. offices with 100% renewable energy.

Five Leading Lawyers Recognized: Who’s Who Legal Thought Leaders: Asset Recovery

Greenberg Traurig’s London office has yet again proven its mettle as a distinguished legal force with five of its eminent lawyers being named 2023 Who’s Who Legal Thought Leaders: Asset Recovery. This prestigious recognition is a testament to the firm’s unrivaled expertise and deep-rooted commitment to delivering exceptional asset recovery services.

1. Hannah Blom-Cooper: An accomplished commercial litigator with extensive experience, Blom-Cooper represents individuals and corporations in high-value and complex disputes involving multiple jurisdictions. She specializes in asset recovery and protection for both creditors and debtors and also excels in handling disputes arising from business failure and formal insolvency processes.

2. Claire Broadbelt: Co-chair of the UK Civil Fraud & Business Disputes Practice, Broadbelt is an expert in multijurisdictional civil fraud matters. She represents clients in pursuing and defending complex claims involving serious allegations of fraud or misconduct, including diversion of business opportunities, deceit, breach of confidence, breaches of fiduciary duty, conspiracy, bribery, and secret profits. Broadbelt also has a strong track record in worldwide asset-tracing and recovery, as well as handling freezing and search orders.

3. Kathryn Garbett: Another co-chair of the UK Civil Fraud & Business Disputes Practice, Garbett’s commercial litigation practice centers on civil fraud matters. Her involvement in high-profile commercial fraud cases before the Supreme Court underscores her expertise in handling extremely complex legal and factual issues. Garbett provides practical and tailored advice to help clients navigate challenging situations.

4. Martin Shobbrook: With a career dedicated to matters related to civil fraud, Shobbrook represents claimants or defendants in substantial cases. His experience extends to multijurisdictional asset-tracing inquiries, often involving court applications in multiple overseas jurisdictions. Shobbrook’s defense work frequently involves high-profile civil proceedings where the defendant is also under investigation by various regulatory authorities.

5. Annabel Thomas: A seasoned commercial litigator, Thomas brings a wealth of experience in corporate disputes and civil fraud. She represents clients on asset-tracing, injunctive relief, partnership disputes, competition law, regulatory litigation, company and shareholder disputes, and insurance disputes. Thomas is well-versed in both defending and bringing claims, often spanning multiple jurisdictions.

The recognition of Claire Broadbelt and Annabel Thomas within the Global Elite category further underscores their exceptional contributions to the field, solidifying their positions among the most distinguished asset recovery lawyers worldwide.

Leaders in Asset Recovery: Nominated by Clients and Peers

Who’s Who Legal Thought Leaders: Asset Recovery stands as a benchmark for excellence in the legal realm, recognizing the foremost asset recovery lawyers and experts from onshore and offshore jurisdictions. Greenberg Traurig’s esteemed lawyers have earned this recognition through nominations by clients and private practitioners.

As leaders in asset recovery, the Greenberg Traurig team has demonstrated unparalleled skill, expertise, and dedication in handling complex and multifaceted asset recovery cases. Their success lies in their ability to navigate the intricacies of global asset recovery, providing clients with tailored and effective solutions to protect their interests and recover valuable assets.

Unrivalled Depth in Court-Appointed Supervision

The team at Greenberg Traurig’s London office boasts unrivaled depth and experience in acting as Court-appointed supervising solicitors in matters concerning search and seizure orders and delivery up orders. This unique position allows them to simultaneously supervise multiple sites effectively, ensuring that the legal process is carried out with precision and efficiency.

Moreover, Greenberg Traurig is proud to have over 65% of its qualified supervisors represented by female lawyers, showcasing the firm’s commitment to promoting diversity and empowering women in the legal profession.

Conclusion: Advancing Asset Recovery and Legal Excellence

Greenberg Traurig’s London office has once again proven its standing as a legal powerhouse with five of its distinguished lawyers being recognized as Who’s Who Legal Thought Leaders: Asset Recovery. The firm’s commitment to delivering outstanding client service, its dedication to legal excellence, and its unparalleled expertise in asset recovery have earned it a well-deserved place among the world’s leading law firms.

As the legal landscape evolves and the demand for asset recovery services continues to grow, Greenberg Traurig remains at the forefront, supporting clients across diverse sectors and navigating complex legal challenges with skill and ingenuity. The firm’s ongoing commitment to innovation, diversity, and pro bono initiatives further exemplifies its role as a legal trailblazer, shaping the future of asset recovery and beyond.

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