A Creative Convergence: Territory Studio Partners with Pop-Arts Management

July 7, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Territory Studio announces a collaborative partnership with Pop-Arts Management.
  • The partnership is aimed at exploring new creative avenues in the West Coast market.
  • The news comes as Territory Group launches Terra Firma Pictures, a director-led global creative production, and animation studio.
  • Territory Studio has an impressive client roster including Coca-Cola, EA Sports, GMC, Marvel, NBCUniversal, Netflix, Nike, Porsche, and Warner Bros.
  • The collaboration will leverage Territory’s multi-disciplinary talent and Pop-Arts Management’s extensive industry connections.

A Creative Force: An Introduction to Territory Studio

Territory Studio, with its unique approach to design, motion, brand, visual effects, and digital experiences, stands as an independent design studio. It combines deep expertise in narrative design for film and games with an innovative, design-led approach, which has led to successful partnerships with world-class agencies and brands on immersive, experiential, gaming, and automotive projects. This bold imagination in creative innovation has enabled Territory to work with high-profile clients such as Coca-Cola, EA Sports, GMC, Marvel, NBCUniversal, Netflix, Nike, Porsche, and Warner Bros.

New Horizons: Terra Firma Pictures and Pop-Arts Management Partnership

In recent news, the Territory Group has announced the launch of Terra Firma Pictures, a director-led global creative production and animation studio. The studio is dedicated to a fresh approach to content creation, offering exceptional directing talent across live-action and animation for cinematics, commercials, character, immersive, and brand content.

Territory Studio has also formed an exciting partnership with Pop-Arts Management for US representation in the West Coast region. Andrew Popplestone, Global Executive Creative Director at Territory Group, stated: “We are thrilled to partner with Kevin and the Pop-Arts Management team. With this kind of representation in the West Coast market, we are excited to explore new creative avenues together and continue pushing the art of visual storytelling.”

A Meeting of Minds: Territory and Pop-Arts

Pop-Arts Management, a leading talent agency, specializes in representing artists and creatives in the entertainment industry. Kevin Batten, Commercial Arts Manager at Pop-Arts Management, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration: “We’re excited to represent Territory. They are working on the leading edge of innovation in design, motion graphics, and visual effects and discovering new ways for brands to connect with consumers in exciting and memorable ways. We look forward to forging new relationships for Territory on the road ahead.”

The partnership brings Territory’s multidisciplinary talent into Kevin’s extensive list of industry connections. David Sheldon-Hicks, Co-Founder of Territory Studio, commented: “Our mission is to continue creating compelling brand experiences that engage and inspire through the originality and vision of stunningly realized concepts.”

A Look into the Future

This collaboration marks the beginning of a new chapter for both organizations. As Territory Studio and Pop-Arts Management join forces, they look forward to fostering a collaborative relationship rooted in respect, trust, and a deep understanding of brand experiences. This partnership signals an exciting future for visual storytelling, promising to deliver even more captivating and innovative brand experiences for their diverse clientele.

Territory Studio, Terra Firma Pictures, and the renowned design & VFX studio Cantina Creative are part of Territory Group, a collective of outstanding creative businesses. As these organizations continue to join forces and drive innovation in the world of design and visual effects, the creative industry eagerly awaits their next groundbreaking project.

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