A New Chapter for New Street Research: The Arrival of Heather Broffman

August 26, 2023

Key Takeaways

  1. Heather Broffman, a Wall Street veteran with a 24-year career in capital markets, joins New Street Research’s sales desk in the Americas.
  2. Broffman’s experience will be instrumental in expanding New Street’s Policy Research practice.
  3. New Street executives Jonathan Chaplin and Iain Johnston both welcome Broffman’s skills in client management, marketing, and research.
  4. Broffman commends New Street for its comprehensive, unique research offerings and expresses enthusiasm to be part of the team.

About New Street Research

Founded in London, New Street Research is a globally recognized research firm specializing in Technology, Media, and Telecommunications (TMT) sectors. The firm is lauded for its independent, unique, and insightful analyses which have won it a credible reputation in both the investor community and the industries it covers. The company recently broadened its reach by adding a U.S. Internet practice led by Dan Salmon and is continuously expanding its research franchise.

A Strategic Addition: Heather Broffman’s Arrival

An Invaluable Asset

The inclusion of Heather Broffman in New Street Research’s Americas-based sales desk is seen as a momentous step for the firm. She brings with her a wealth of Sales and Relationship Management experience accumulated over a 24-year career in capital markets. Notably, Heather was pivotal in the development of Washington Analysis, one of Wall Street’s leading policy research firms. Jonathan Chaplin, the founding partner of New Street’s U.S. business, remarked, “Heather is among the most respected salespeople on Wall Street among our clients and one of very few that we would trust to manage client relationships in ‘the New Street way’. Heather’s unique experience will be invaluable in the development of our Policy Research practice.”

Complementing Existing Strengths

Heather’s skills and background are seen as a perfect complement to New Street’s existing Policy product offering. Iain Johnston, the founder of New Street in London, stated, “We welcome Heather to New Street and look forward to her extending our franchise in the Americas and beyond, supporting the ongoing extension to our TMT research offering.”

Why Heather Chose New Street

When asked why she decided to join the firm, Heather Broffman explained, “I was drawn to New Street Research because of their experienced dynamic team of analysts and their ability to differentiate their product from peers. In today’s world, it has become increasingly important to not only understand fundamentals, but how globalization and policy will factor into that analysis. Their ability to marry global coverage and policy alongside deep fundamental analysis provides investors with the best and most comprehensive view of the space. I am thrilled to be part of such a distinguished and exceptional team.”

Implications for New Street Research’s Future

A Boost to Policy Research

The addition of Heather Broffman underscores New Street’s ambition to become a powerhouse in Policy Research. The timing couldn’t be more perfect as today’s market dynamics make it crucial for investors to grasp the policy landscape affecting the sectors they are investing in.

Expanding the Research Portfolio

Heather’s appointment follows the recent expansion of New Street’s research franchise, particularly with the introduction of its U.S. Internet practice. Her presence will undoubtedly lend additional depth and breadth to New Street’s expanding portfolio of research offerings.

Enhanced Client Relationships

Heather’s extensive experience in client relationship management and sales will also amplify New Street’s ability to maintain long-term, fruitful partnerships with their clientele. Her track record speaks volumes about her ability to enhance customer experience and satisfaction.

Conclusion: The Road Ahead

The integration of Heather Broffman into New Street Research’s Americas sales team is a strategic move that promises to bring multifaceted advantages to the firm. Her skills will enhance the development of New Street’s Policy Research practice and will enable the firm to continue expanding its offerings to the ever-evolving needs of the market and its clientele.

In summary, the inclusion of Heather Broffman not only enriches New Street Research’s existing capabilities but also anticipates future demands in a rapidly changing market landscape. It is a win-win situation, offering benefits to New Street, its existing clients, and the broader market that depends on its insightful analyses. It’s clear that both parties are enthusiastic about what lies ahead, and the industry will undoubtedly be watching keenly as this partnership unfolds.

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