accesso Expands Global Presence with Acquisition of VGS, Introducing accesso Horizon as a Unified Ticketing and Visitor Management Solution

June 30, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • accesso Technology Group has acquired VGS, a leading ticketing and visitor management system provider for leisure, entertainment, and cultural businesses worldwide.
  • VGS’ SnApp platform will be rebranded as accesso Horizon and integrated into the accesso product set.
  • The acquisition expands accesso’s global footprint and enhances its technology offerings in the leisure sector.
  • accesso Horizon enables venue operators to manage ticketing, entitlements, and guest services on one unified platform, providing a seamless and consistent guest experience.

About accesso Technology Group

accesso Technology Group, a premier technology solutions provider for attractions and venues worldwide, has made a significant move to strengthen its position in the leisure sector through the acquisition of VGS, a leading ticketing and visitor management system provider. With a focus on enhancing the guest experience, accesso provides innovative technology solutions that drive revenue, streamline operations, and support data-driven decision-making for leisure and entertainment operators globally.

The acquisition of VGS allows accesso to expand its offerings and leverage VGS’ expertise in ticketing and visitor management. By integrating VGS’ SnApp platform into its product set and rebranding it as accesso Horizon, the company aims to provide a unified and seamless solution for venue operators looking to optimize their operations and deliver exceptional guest experiences.

Enhancing the Guest Experience with accesso Horizon

accesso Horizon, formerly VGS’ SnApp platform, offers a comprehensive ticketing and visitor management solution that empowers venue operators to manage all aspects of guest entitlements and services. The platform, available as an on-premise or cloud-based solution, provides a range of features and functionalities designed to enhance the guest experience.

One of the key strengths of accesso Horizon is its globalized functionality and robust scaling capabilities. The platform supports venues across 11 countries, including renowned attractions such as the world’s largest theme park resort destination in Orlando, Florida, and leading theme park brands in Dubai, Singapore, Japan, and China. From theme parks to zoos and observation towers, accesso Horizon caters to a diverse range of attractions, ensuring a seamless and consistent guest experience across different locations.

The platform offers real-time intelligence that enables venue operators to optimize sales through dynamic pricing, availability management, and sales channel management. This allows for greater flexibility and adaptability to market conditions, ensuring that guests have access to the best ticketing options. Additionally, accesso Horizon supports multi-venue operations, enabling cross-promotion and cross-packaging of offers to enhance visibility and improve the overall guest experience.

accesso Horizon’s user-friendly interface, available in multiple languages, ensures that guests from around the world can navigate the ticketing and visitor management process effortlessly. With its open API, the platform also provides the flexibility for direct integration with other systems, further enhancing its compatibility and interoperability.

Expanding Global Footprint and Expertise

The acquisition of VGS not only brings accesso Horizon into the accesso product set but also welcomes a talented team of 33 professionals to the accesso family. With offices in Milan, Dubai, Singapore, and Orlando, the global team will contribute their expertise and collaborate with accesso to continue delivering innovative solutions to the leisure industry.

accesso CEO Steve Brown expresses his excitement about the acquisition, stating, “This acquisition will allow us to provide our clients and future partners with technology that has the capacity to scale with their business long into the future and keep up with the growing demands of the modern consumer.” By combining the strengths of accesso and VGS, the company aims to offer cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving needs of leisure and entertainment operators.

Paolo Moro, CEO of VGS, also shares his enthusiasm about joining forces with accesso. He highlights the compatibility of the two companies’ technologies and their shared commitment to providing unified solutions for optimizing operations and enhancing guest experiences. Moro states, “We look forward to working together as we move ahead to this exciting next chapter.”


accesso’s acquisition of VGS and the introduction of accesso Horizon as a unified ticketing and visitor management solution signify the company’s dedication to providing innovative technology solutions for the leisure sector. With accesso Horizon, venue operators gain access to a powerful platform that streamlines ticketing, entitlements, and guest services, resulting in an exceptional guest experience.

As accesso expands its global presence and combines the expertise of its team with VGS’ capabilities, the company is well-positioned to deliver cutting-edge solutions that drive revenue, enhance operational efficiency, and create unforgettable guest experiences.

To learn more about accesso Horizon and accesso Technology Group, visit their official website: accesso Technology Group.

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