AI, Cybersecurity and Superapps: Insight’s Trends Report highlights key IT themes for organisations in 2023

February 20, 2023

Insight Enterprises (NASDAQ: NSIT), a Fortune 500 solutions integrator helping organisations accelerate their digital journey, today released its Trends Report, outlining five technology trends Insight experts predict will impact business strategy in 2023. The report highlights themes of simplification, cybersecurity, the evolution of the workforce, automation and AI, and Superapps as trends that will be key to business and IT decision makers in 2023.

Automation & AI

The recent explosion of AI-driven large language is changing the way we search the internet. AI automation is a key trend highlighted by Insight experts, who look at the impact AI could have on everyday life and on organisations. Beyond this, experts discuss the potential of automation to improve user experience and how organisations can balance automation and human capability. Insight looks at how the modern data warehouse will develop in 2023 in breaking down data silos, and highlights data automation as a key areas of growth for 2023.


Cybersecurity complexities are another trend highlighted for 2023. Shifting the gaze to the future threats facing an organisation, Insight experts discuss the rise of zombie APIs, supply chain security, ransomware as a service, and how organisations should and can prepare themselves for these growing threats.


According to Insight experts, Superapps are an important technology trend to consider in 2023, improving collaboration and introducing efficiencies to improve business performance. Whilst Superapps are not a new concept, the report details how the arrival of new technologies like the metaverse have the potential to change how Superapps could look in the future.


Insight predicts simplification as a key tech trend for 2023, looking at the importance for companies to work across functional groups to regain clarity over inventory and cost. Specifically focusing on IT purchasing, resourcing, data sharing, networking and cybersecurity, the report looks at how collaborative approaches in these areas and across services can lead to better decision making, governance and agility.

The workforce evolution

The trend discusses the importance of digitalisation and investment in technology in retaining and attracting talent. From bring-your-own-device (BYOD) working, to the redefining of the office space, Insight experts look at the new way business leaders must view their office spaces to attract talent and stay competitive.

The Trends Report aims to leverage Insight’s role as a leading solution integrator in the IT sector to provide guidance to IT managers and business leaders alike.

Adrian Gregory, Insight EMEA president, comments: “The beginning of this decade has presented organisations with never-before seen challenges, causing changes to organisational structures and processes and a move to digitalisation. Organisations are faced with higher inflation, soaring energy costs, global supply chain issues and having to manage ever-tighter budgets. In 2023, technology will remain an important tool in organisational decision making to ultimately progress, innovate and deliver better customer outcomes”.

As THE Leading Solutions Integrator, Insight can help to advise, guide and steer organisations through the increased complexities that have arisen during this digital revolution of the past years’, to ensure processes are simplified, data is used more intelligently and threats are averted. The IT Trends report offers insightful guidance on the technologies that will feature as key themes in business strategy in 2023 and beyond, to support organisations in their digital transformation journey.

Download and read the Insight Trends Report here.

About Insight

Insight Enterprises, Inc. is a Fortune 500 solutions integrator with more than 13,000 teammates worldwide helping organizations accelerate their digital journey to modernize their business and maximize the value of technology. We enable secure, end-to-end transformation and meet the needs of our clients through a comprehensive portfolio of solutions, far-reaching partnerships and 35 years of broad IT expertise. Rated as a Forbes World’s Best Employer and a Great Place to Work®, we amplify our solutions and services with global scale, local expertise and a world-class e-commerce experience, realizing the digital ambitions of our clients at every opportunity. Discover more at NSIT-M

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