Andrew Sibbald Joins Warburg Pincus as Co-Head of Europe: Enhancing Growth and Momentum

August 5, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Warburg Pincus appoints Andrew Sibbald as Co-Head of Europe, joining forces with René Obermann to accelerate the firm’s European business.
  • Sibbald brings over 35 years of financial services experience and an impressive track record in advising notable M&A and corporate finance transactions.
  • The global growth investor, Warburg Pincus, has a strong reputation for creating effective partnerships with management teams worldwide to deliver sustainable value and growth.


Warburg Pincus, a renowned global growth investor, is making headlines once again with its recent announcement of appointing Andrew Sibbald as Managing Director and Co-Head of Europe. This strategic move aims to enhance the firm’s presence in Europe and foster further positive momentum in its business operations. Partnering with the veteran investor, René Obermann, Sibbald’s wealth of expertise and experience are expected to propel Warburg Pincus to new heights in the European market.

About Warburg Pincus

Founded in 1966, Warburg Pincus has become a leading global growth investor with more than $83 billion in assets under management. The firm’s diversified portfolio comprises over 250 companies spanning various stages, sectors, and geographies. Throughout its history, Warburg Pincus has raised 21 private equity and 2 real estate funds, making over $112 billion worth of investments in over 1,000 companies across 40 countries. Headquartered in New York, the company boasts a global presence with offices in prominent financial centers around the world, including Amsterdam, Beijing, Berlin, Hong Kong, London, and Singapore, among others.

Andrew Sibbald: A Corporate Financier Extraordinaire

Andrew Sibbald, a highly experienced corporate financier and business builder, is set to take on the role of Co-Head of Europe at Warburg Pincus. With a stellar career spanning over 35 years in financial services, Sibbald brings a wealth of knowledge and a successful track record to his new position. Prior to joining Warburg Pincus, he served as Chairman and Senior Managing Director of Evercore’s European investment banking business. Sibbald was also a Co-Founder and Senior Partner of Lexicon Partners, which was later acquired by Evercore in 2011.

During his illustrious career, Sibbald has been involved in several notable M&A and corporate finance transactions, including Arcmont’s sale to Nuveen, Global Risk Partners’ sale to Brown & Brown, and AA’s sale to Warburg Pincus and TowerBrook Capital. His expertise in advising leading companies on sophisticated transactions is expected to serve Warburg Pincus’ portfolio and investing teams well as they navigate complex market dynamics.

A Winning Combination: Sibbald and Obermann

The appointment of Andrew Sibbald as Co-Head of Europe is set to create a powerful synergy with Warburg Pincus’ current Co-Head of Europe, René Obermann. René Obermann, a seasoned veteran investor, has been making waves in the financial world with his strong leadership and strategic insights. Based in Berlin, Obermann’s partnership with Sibbald in London is expected to further strengthen Warburg Pincus’ foothold in the European market.

Speaking about joining Warburg Pincus, Andrew Sibbald expressed his admiration for the firm’s success and culture, stating, “I have long admired the success and culture of Warburg Pincus, and I’m thrilled to be joining the firm. I have enormous respect for René and look forward to working closely with him and the team in Europe to drive further positive momentum in the business here.”

Driving Sustainable Value and Growth

Warburg Pincus’ reputation as a growth investor is built on a strong foundation of creating effective partnerships with management teams worldwide. The firm’s global platform, combined with its local networks and insights, offers significant advantages to the businesses and management teams it partners with. This approach has led to the successful building, transforming, and acquiring of businesses with the potential to become market leaders with enduring value.

Jim Neary, Co-Head of U.S. Private Equity at Warburg Pincus, expressed his confidence in Andrew Sibbald’s ability to contribute to the firm’s continued success. “Andrew’s impressive expertise and deep-rooted experience, particularly in Europe, advising leading companies on a variety of sophisticated transactions will serve our portfolio and investing teams well as we continue to navigate complex market dynamics,” said Neary.

Expanding in Europe: A History of Success

Warburg Pincus has a rich history of private equity investment in Europe, dating back to its first European transaction in 1983. Since then, the firm has invested more than $15 billion in over 130 companies across 23 European countries. Its investment success, combined with a strong pool of available private equity capital in Europe, has positioned Warburg Pincus as one of the leading private equity investors in the region.


The appointment of Andrew Sibbald as Co-Head of Europe at Warburg Pincus marks an exciting chapter in the firm’s growth and expansion in the European market. With his extensive financial services experience and a history of advising notable M&A transactions, Sibbald’s collaboration with René Obermann is expected to further accelerate the firm’s growth and momentum in Europe. As Warburg Pincus continues to build durable companies with sustainable value, its global platform and effective partnerships with management teams will likely fuel further success and attractive returns for its investors.

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