Barnet Council Adopts Integra and CoreHR for Streamlined Operations

February 1, 2023

Barnet Council in London has decided to adopt Integra and CoreHR as its software solution to streamline its operations. The decision was made after extensive market research and consideration of multiple options, including staying with the current system, upgrading the finance system, or procuring a new system. Ultimately, the council decided that a new system would best meet its needs, and the Oracle Corporation was selected to provide the software.

To ensure a smooth implementation, a program team was established in November 2022 and the process was overseen by the Executive Director of Strategy & Resources and the Chair of the Policy and Resources Committee. The procurement was conducted through the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) framework RM6193 for software design and implementer services. The mini competition resulted in the appointment of Evosys UK Ltd as the service implementer for the software, with the bid offering the best value for money and a robust plan for meeting the council’s limited timeframe.

The funding for the program team and the new software was approved through capital expenditure and any prior costs were funded by reserves to avoid any adverse impact on the 2022/23 revenue budget or the medium-term financial strategy. The council followed Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT) principles in evaluating the bids, taking into account the criteria of price, quality, and social value.

The new software procurement and implementation is classified as capital expenditure, and the council can capitalise the costs if it is the most economically advantageous method of funding the project. Any unexpected costs arising from the implementation will first be constrained within existing resources allocated in the council’s budget for the program. The council is also confident that any savings associated with retiring legacy systems will be presented as options in the 2025/26 medium-term financial strategy.

The new software will play an important role in supporting the council’s new corporate plan and its priorities. The council believes that the new system will provide optimal value for money and meet its user requirements. The procurement process was conducted in accordance with all relevant legislation, ensuring a compliant and transparent process.

In conclusion, Barnet Council has taken a significant step in streamlining its operations and modernising its technology. The adoption of Integra and CoreHR will provide a solid foundation for the council to achieve its goals and deliver on its commitments to its residents.

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