Call2Teams Go: Dstny’s Trailblazing Step in Native Microsoft Teams Voice Integration

August 26, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • Dstny Automate introduces Call2Teams Go, a native client companion for Microsoft Teams aimed at revolutionizing voice integration.
  • This new product promises seamless voice capabilities within Microsoft Teams without the need for additional telephony licensing.
  • Neil Greenwood, VP of Product at Dstny, underscores the importance of being native to Teams, describing it as a “game-changer” for Teams calling via PBX.

About Dstny and Call2Teams: Trailblazers in Unified Communications

Dstny is a prominent European provider of cloud-based business communication solutions. Based in Brussels and boasting a robust presence across seven European countries, Dstny’s products and services reach over 3 million users, simplifying communication across various formats, including voice, video, and chat.

Call2Teams is a middleware product from Dstny that integrates enterprise-grade telephony with Microsoft Teams. It acts as a bridge between any phone system, PBX, or SIP Trunk provider and Microsoft Teams, offering a seamless communication experience without the need for hardware or number porting.

Introducing Call2Teams Go: A New Age of Native Voice Integration

Unveiling the Game-Changer

Dstny’s latest offering, Call2Teams Go, is engineered to fully leverage Microsoft Teams’ native environment. It effectively allows Call2Teams PBX users to activate a dial pad within Teams, creating an intuitive and seamless user experience.

Cost-Effective, Feature-Rich Experience

Perhaps the most compelling feature is its affordability. Call2Teams Go eliminates the need for additional telephony licensing, making it one of the market’s most cost-effective solutions. Additionally, it comes packed with exclusive features, such as 100% true reflection of line state during transfers.

The Importance of Being Native: An Inside Look

Quality and Networking Advantages

Neil Greenwood, the VP of Product at Dstny, shed light on why being native to Microsoft Teams offers unparalleled advantages. He stated, “Being native on the client side means you’re using the Teams voice capabilities within the platform, which comes with the networking and quality of service attributes that go from the client into the Azure Cloud and then to Teams.”

No Software, No Fuss

According to Greenwood, the native aspect ensures that “there is no software to install, so users are not handling a cross-launch in a separate window to Teams.” This stands in contrast to some other solutions, where you may find a dialer within Teams that actually functions via a web client or acts as a remote interface to an application outside Teams.

Expanding the Ecosystem: What Call2Teams Go Means for Businesses

Completing the Direct Routing Set

Greenwood further elaborates that Call2Teams Go is the missing piece in their Direct Routing product set. He emphasizes, “Now all users within a company can have access to native Teams calling, whether that be via Microsoft Phone System or via Call2Teams Go.”

Unlocking Advanced Features

With Call2Teams Go, businesses can enable features like presence, call history, one-on-one call recording and transcription, voicemail, call waiting, and contact syncing—right within the Teams interface.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Unified Communications

The release of Call2Teams Go isn’t just a new product launch; it’s a seminal moment that redefines how users interact with Microsoft Teams. It brings us a step closer to a future where the lines between various forms of communication are not just blurred but virtually erased.

In a market that is increasingly competitive and where customer needs are ever-changing, innovations like Call2Teams Go serve as a reminder of what’s possible when technology and user experience are in perfect harmony.

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