CERTIHASH Introduces Sentinel Node at London Blockchain Conference

June 19, 2023

Yesterday, at the London Blockchain Conference, CERTIHASH, the world’s first blockchain cybersecurity solution, put a spotlight on Sentinel Node, an innovative tool designed to reduce the time it takes to detect hacks or threats. Sentinel Node was built in collaboration with IBM Consulting, the professional services and consulting arm of IBM. This new, revolutionary technology reduces breach detection time from the industry average 212 days to an instant alert system. Sentinel Node is able to do this by utilizing the scalability offered through the BSV blockchain.

On the key issues that Sentinel Node seeks to address, Co-Creator Greg Ward said, “We’re looking to provide companies with confidence and peace of mind when it comes to data integrity, auditability and accountability. And as data becomes increasingly more valuable, so too does the threat of cyber hacks. With Sentinel Node, you can rest assured that you will receive real time notifications of any attacks on your system.”

According to a 2022 study of 550 organizations by IBM Security, approximately 83% suffered at least one data breach, costing these companies $4.35m on average. Furthermore, 60% of these companies noted that these attacks resulted in increased prices passed along to customers.

On the ability for this technology to democratize cybersecurity, fellow Co-Creator Bryan Daugherty said, “Cybersecurity tools should not only be accessible but also affordable to any company or institution that needs to protect its data. With the BSV blockchain, we’re able to lower costs because of its inherent scalability. There is no reason that this technology cannot be adopted by schools, hospitals and small businesses, in addition to multinational companies.”


CERTIHASH is the first blockchain empowered full suite of cybersecurity tools based on the NIST cybersecurity framework. Learn more at: https://certihash.solutions

About the London Blockchain Conference:


At the London Blockchain Conference, we show how the BSV Blockchain will change the world and help people see another way to manage data, build scalable on-chain solutions and achieve great things. We do this by creating valuable, insightful, and engaging events that educate and inform, allowing you to connect and network to build strong business relationships. Our conference is the best avenue to see blockchain innovations, big ecosystem announcements, new product launches, technology updates, keynote speeches, panels, and fireside chats from blockchain leaders. Join us and experience it for yourself.

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