Unveils Intelligent Acceptance, an AI-Powered Optimization Engine for Enhanced Acceptance Rates and Increased Merchant Revenue

July 8, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  •, a leading global payments solution provider, has launched Intelligent Acceptance, a revolutionary product designed to assist merchants in optimizing acceptance rates and driving revenue growth.
  • Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Intelligent Acceptance leverages’s vast global transactional data network and deep domain expertise gained from its decade-long presence in the digital economy.
  • During beta testing, the product has already delivered significant results, generating approximately $750 million in new revenue for merchants and improving acceptance rates by up to 9.5 percentage points for over 30 participating businesses, including Klarna, Ant Group, NordVPN, Reach, and Sunday.
  • The implementation of Intelligent Acceptance has led to an impressive 10% increase in authorization rates for payments processed on’s platform, driving substantial positive impact for businesses and their bottom lines.
  • By abstracting complexity and utilizing machine learning capabilities, aims to empower merchants to optimize their payments seamlessly and effortlessly, while leveraging its extensive global transaction data for real-time insights.
  • Intelligent Acceptance optimizes the complete payment flow, encompassing messaging and routing in the pre-processing stage, as well as adaptive retries in the post-processing stage. Merchants have full control over which aspect of the transaction journey they want to enhance and can set specific criteria, such as maximizing acceptance rates, reducing transaction costs, or both.
  • The solution continuously fine-tunes its performance based on live adjustments, incorporating data from’s global network and direct relationships with issuers, schemes, and regulators to unlock incremental optimization improvements. Revolutionizes Payment Optimization with AI

Leading global payments solution provider has introduced Intelligent Acceptance, its cutting-edge AI-powered optimization engine that enables merchants to optimize acceptance rates and drive revenue growth.

Drawing on billions of transactional data points from’s extensive global network and leveraging the company’s deep domain expertise accumulated over a decade at the forefront of the digital economy, Intelligent Acceptance has already demonstrated remarkable success during its beta testing phase. Over 30 participating merchants, including Klarna, Ant Group, NordVPN, Reach, and Sunday, reported significant increases in acceptance rates, leading to approximately $750 million in new revenue.

Melissa Pottenger, Head of Key Partnerships at Reach, commented on the substantial impact of Intelligent Acceptance, highlighting the nearly 10% increase in authorization rates observed since its implementation on’s payment rails. She emphasized the immense value of this performance improvement for businesses and their clients.

Meron Colbeci, Chief Product Officer at, highlighted the company’s commitment to simplifying complexity for merchants and empowering them to optimize their payments seamlessly. By harnessing machine learning capabilities, can offer this capability to merchants on a large scale. Unlike individual merchants, possesses extensive transaction data that enables effective AI algorithm training. Leveraging this advantage, has developed an adaptive AI-powered payments engine that continuously optimizes acceptance rates, unlocking additional revenue, saving time for merchants, and providing greater cost control.

Intelligent Acceptance employs machine learning and analyzes billions of data points throughout the payment flow to generate optimal solutions for businesses. It optimizes pre-processing aspects, such as messaging and routing, and post-processing elements with adaptive retries. Merchants have the flexibility to choose which stages of the transaction journey to enhance and set specific optimization criteria, including maximizing acceptance rates, reducing transaction costs, or a combination of both. By continuously learning from performance data across’s global network and its direct relationships with issuers, schemes, and regulators, Intelligent Acceptance delivers ongoing improvements, resulting in incremental performance enhancements.

Optimization Examples

Intelligent Acceptance delivers various optimization capabilities to merchants:

  1. Acceptance: The engine leverages Network Tokens, which offer better acceptance rates, lower interchange fees, and enhanced card information security. However, Network Tokens may not be universally adopted by all issuers simultaneously. Intelligent Acceptance only utilizes Network Tokens if the issuer supports them and if the predicted cost is lower or the chance of success is higher compared to PAN credentials. Furthermore, the engine automatically formats, amends, or adds SCA, ISO data, and other elements to ensure payments adhere to scheme and issuer preferences.
  2. Cost: Intelligent Acceptance enables dynamic routing of transactions to the network with the lowest fees in markets where multiple debit, local, or global payment networks are available, such as the US. This approach helps drive down costs for merchants.
  3. Compliance: The solution instantly identifies transactions requiring 3DS authentication. If 3DS authentication has not been triggered during the initial payment request, Intelligent Acceptance automatically adds available 3DS authentication data to ensure compliance.

Tomer Turbovich, Senior Engineering Manager & Money Movements account group lead at Klarna, commended the improved authorization rates resulting from Intelligent Acceptance. The background adjustments made by the engine prevent lost volume and minimize extra payment costs imposed by schemes due to processing transactions in a manner that does not align with issuer preferences. Enhanced acceptance rates, improved customer experience, and reduced payment fees are the key benefits of Intelligent Acceptance, according to Turbovich.

Tackling False Declines, a $50.7 Billion Challenge

Intelligent Acceptance arrives at a time when business leaders are seeking revenue growth and cost efficiencies to address rising operating expenses. The product aims to combat false declines, a significant issue costing businesses $50.7 billion in lost revenue in 2022 alone. False declines occur when a purchase is declined despite the customer having sufficient funds in their account. The resulting friction causes close to 25% of consumers to abandon their purchase, leading to substantial revenue losses for merchants.

Daniel Hosking, VP of Payments at Sunday, stressed the detrimental impact that payment process friction can have on product adoption. To ensure success, reducing the likelihood of early adopters encountering a negative first impression is crucial for businesses like Sunday. Hosking highlighted that’s Intelligent Acceptance effectively reduces the likelihood of such issues arising.

Intelligent Acceptance represents the latest addition to’s Payments Plus offering, following recent releases of authentication enhancements, customizable virtual and physical cards with Issuing, Fraud Detection Pro for combating fraud and optimizing revenues, and Integrated Platforms, a flexible solution supporting marketplaces and payfacs in a dynamic digital economy.

Merchants worldwide can now take advantage of Intelligent Acceptance to optimize their payment processes and maximize revenue.

About is a global payments solution provider that empowers businesses and their communities to thrive in the digital economy. The company’s purpose-built, modular payments platform is designed for enterprise businesses seeking seamless integration with superior payment solutions. Trusted by global brands like Sony, Wise, GE Healthcare, and Shein, offers innovative, adaptable solutions tailored to the specific needs of clients, providing valuable insights to enhance payment performance and reliable expertise to navigate the complexities of a constantly evolving world. For more information, visit

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