Credera Drives AI Revolution with Newly Formed Global Council and Expanded Investments

July 22, 2023

Key Takeaways

  1. Credera, Omnicom’s global boutique consulting firm, establishes a Global AI Council, uniting AI visionaries from various disciplines to shape the future of AI.
  2. AI is set to revolutionize business and marketing transformation across industries, akin to previous shifts caused by the internet and mobile technologies.
  3. Credera’s expanded AI solutions leverage strategic partnerships with Google, AWS, and Adobe, enhancing their broad consulting offerings.
  4. Increased investments in AI form the core of Credera’s consulting practices, with a strong focus on workforce training and skill upgradation in AI.
  5. Credera’s AI-centric approach has led to significant improvements for clients, including a 30% increase in ROI and a 46% increase in efficiency for a global pharmaceutical company.

About Credera

Credera is a global boutique consulting firm that bridges the gap between marketing and technology to accelerate business transformation and create exceptional customer experiences. With a presence in 16 countries, Credera’s unique blend of business acumen and technical expertise, combined with a strong commitment to fostering trust, brings about remarkable results for their clients. The firm’s vision is to make a profound impact on its clients, its people, and its communities. More about Credera can be found at

The Future of AI: A Paradigm Shift in Motion

AI has steadily made its way into various facets of our lives and is increasingly influencing business decisions. Credera’s Chief Data Scientist, Vincent Yates, sees AI as the next game-changer, akin to previous paradigm shifts ushered in by the internet and mobile technologies. “We have people with unique backgrounds and training to meet the needs of this new paradigm and shape the resulting landscape,” Yates states.

Building an AI-Led Business Transformation

Credera’s expansion of AI solutions comes as part of its strategy to accelerate business and marketing transformation for its clients, and more broadly, within the Omnicom Group. Through strategic partnerships with tech giants like Google, AWS, and Adobe, Credera leverages its profound AI consulting offerings to help clients navigate the AI revolution.

Global CEO Justin Bell emphasizes, “We are committed to continued excellence through AI with our global, boutique approach,” reinforcing the firm’s dedication to tailoring solutions based on specific client needs.

Harnessing AI to Foster Innovation and Efficiency

Credera’s unique AI-led approach has already brought significant improvements for its clients. A global pharmaceutical company transitioned to direct-to-consumer marketing with Credera’s AI-powered Marketing Analytics Platform, achieving a 30% increase in ROI and a 46% boost in efficiency.

CTO for Credera UK, Marius Rubin, underscores the importance of appropriate data, cloud, and governance foundations to fully harness the potential of AI, stating, “We are already seeing our clients transform how they serve their customers and society through AI.”

Investing in AI for Future-Proof Solutions

In a decisive move towards AI-led transformation, Credera is also upskilling its global workforce in AI, making it the foundation of its consulting practices and offerings. As industries transform, Credera’s rapidly expanding AI capabilities will meet the growing demand for AI expertise.

Shaping the AI Landscape: The Global AI Council

Credera’s Global AI Council comprises industry-leading professors, C-level executives, and legal scholars, tasked with addressing pivotal questions about AI, from innovation and ethics to regulation, security, and technology. This unique initiative is designed to create a diverse, thought-leading environment to shape the future landscape of AI.

As AI continues to redefine our world, Credera’s AI Council and increased AI investments symbolize a crucial step forward in leading through this paradigm shift. A brighter future awaits, where AI solutions will help organizations reach new heights of success and efficiency. For more AI-centric thought leadership, methodologies, and guidance from Credera, visit Credera’s website.

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