Discover Game-Changing Advice Startups Revitalising London’s Consultancy Landscape

January 10, 2024

In recent years, London, often referred to as the European “Silicon Valley”, has seen the emergence of numerous startups, especially in the Advice industry. Despite the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, several new startups in this industry have managed to successfully launch in 2020, showing not just resilience, but also unique innovation and creativity. This article aims to highlight some of these startups, their founders, and the inspirations behind their beginnings. These chosen companies have not only demonstrated their ability to adapt to the sudden changes in the global market but have also gained significant traction in their respective fields.

The London Advice industry has seen a wide range of startups, with some focusing primarily on offering financial and related services while others have branched out to incorporate aspects of technology, innovation, and consulting into their portfolios. Although diverse, what all these startups share in common is a London base and an unwavering determination to provide their clients with the best possible advice in their specific fields.

Here, we present a comprehensive list of startups within the Advice industry operating from London, all with an inception of 2020 or later. This list has been carefully curated based on the company’s industry, founding year, location, and the depth of services they offer:

Isio Services

Isio Services emphasis is on consulting, financial services, retirement, and wealth management. They are a promising startup in the Advice industry and are based in London.

Maniyar Capital

Founded by Dharmesh Maniyar, Maniyar Capital specializes in advice, asset management, and financial services. This startup shows promise in providing excellent financial advice to its clients.


Founded by Lasse Lindqvist and Rachel Cantu, ANDx is a startup that offers business development and management consulting services, aiding its clients in maximizing their business potential.

Silverback Ventures

Silverback Ventures are a group of companies devoted to the age of automation. They aim to build consumer-friendly brands that drive positive change for people’s futures.

Carleton Digital

Founded by Iain Millar, Carleton Digital is a team specializing in digital strategy, innovation, and customer experience. They offer varied services from digital strategy, digital innovation, digital transformation, to product management, proposition development, prototyping, and more.


Citiesabc is a digital transformation platform aiming to empower, guide, and index cities, providing citizens with an open information platform and fourth industrial revolution tools and technologies.


OneWealth is an education platform that aids people in building financial confidence. Their services span from investment planning, retirement planning, protection planning, to banking, mortgages, corporate services, and intergenerational wealth management.

Sirius Cove Group

The Sirius Cove Group is a London based company that provides advice, consulting, and financial services. The startup also delves into the realm of venture capital, showcasing its versatility in the Advice industry.


Effecta, based in London, England, is a startup specializing in advice and consulting, guided by a mission to provide clients with meaningful consulting services.

Reviresco Partners

Reviresco Partners, founded by James Wellwood, invests into and partners operationally with a select number of businesses in order to achieve long-term value through alignment. Specific focus areas are Life Sciences, Wellbeing and Education. They can be contacted via their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

These startups are testament to the resilience, resourcefulness, and relentless innovation that characterize London’s startup landscape. Despite inherently uncertain circumstances, these new companies have made remarkable strides in their respective fields and promise to shape the future of the Advice industry.

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