Empowering Excellence: London’s Dynamic Corporate Training Companies

July 11, 2023


In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the importance of continuous learning and upskilling cannot be overstated. London, a hotbed of innovation, is home to a vibrant ecosystem of corporate training companies that are revolutionizing the way organizations develop their workforce. These companies leverage cutting-edge technologies, immersive experiences, and tailored programs to deliver effective and engaging training solutions. In this article, we showcase 15 captivating corporate training companies based in London, England, United Kingdom, that are reshaping the future of workforce development.

Learnerbly – Unlocking Potential through Learning Development

Website: Learnerbly

Description: Learnerbly is a comprehensive learning development platform that empowers individuals and organizations to discover, curate, and engage in personalized learning journeys for professional growth.

Hypersay – Engaging Live Presentations for Interactive Learning

Website: Hypersay

Description: Hypersay provides a powerful platform for live presentations, enabling trainers to enhance engagement with shared slides, live polls, live subtitles, and real-time feedback for an interactive learning experience.

Head Set – Experiential Virtual Training for Enhanced Learning

Website: Head Set

Description: Head Set leverages experiential and immersive technology to deliver virtual training experiences. Their platform enables organizations to create realistic simulations and scenarios for effective learning.

Virtualspeech – Soft Skills Training in Virtual Reality

Website: Virtualspeech

Description: Virtualspeech offers a realistic training platform for soft skills development in virtual reality. Their immersive simulations provide individuals with a safe and effective environment to practice and refine essential interpersonal skills.

Satoshi Block Dojo – Elevating Start-up Entrepreneurs through Cutting-Edge Training

Website: Satoshi Block Dojo

Description: Satoshi Block Dojo provides best-in-class training, utilizing cutting-edge technology to educate and develop start-up entrepreneurs. Their programs empower individuals with the knowledge and skills to succeed in the fast-paced startup ecosystem.

GamePlan Learning – Job Placement Services and Skill Training

Website: GamePlan Learning

Description: GamePlan Learning offers an online portal that connects organizations with job seekers. Their platform provides job placement services while offering skill training and development to enhance employability.

Enforcd – Regulatory Intelligence and Risk Identification

Website: Enforcd

Description: Enforcd is a global regulatory intelligence platform that helps banks and organizations stay up-to-date with regulatory changes and identify potential risks. Their analytics-driven solutions support compliance and risk management efforts.

Digital Boost – Upskilling for Small Businesses

Website: Digital Boost

Description: Digital Boost is a platform dedicated to helping individuals in small businesses upskill through workshops and training programs. Their platform connects learners with experienced professionals to foster knowledge exchange.

CO:CUBED – Empowering FTSE100 Companies with Collaborative Innovation

Website: CO:CUBED

Description: CO:CUBED assists FTSE100 companies in embracing the startup revolution by defining and executing collaborative innovation capabilities. Their tailored programs foster creativity and agility within established organizations.

Cyber Practice – Maturing Cybersecurity Practices

Website: Cyber Practice

Description: Cyber Practice specializes in maturing cybersecurity practices. Through comprehensive training and consulting services, they equip organizations with the skills and knowledge to navigate the evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Hustle Crew – Sustainable Career Development Training and Mentorship

Website: Hustle Crew

Description: Hustle Crew provides training and mentorship for sustainable career development, focusing on diversity, inclusion, and technology. Their programs empower individuals to thrive in their professional journeys.

WarrenOliver – Anonymous Auditing Consulting and Customer Service Training

Website: WarrenOliver

Description: WarrenOliver offers anonymous auditing consulting and customer service training, enabling organizations to improve service excellence and enhance customer experiences.

Excedo – Cross-Cultural Business Communication Training

Website: Excedo

Description: Excedo helps individuals improve their ability to communicate in cross-cultural business situations. Their tailored programs enhance intercultural competence and facilitate effective global collaborations.

Levitate – Mindfulness and Breathwork for Calmness and Productivity

Website: Levitate

Description: Levitate supports individuals and organizations in finding calmness in a chaotic world through mindfulness and breathwork. Their programs foster well-being, resilience, and productivity.

Averest Training – Leading-edge Training Courses for Business Professionals

Website: Averest Training

Description: Averest Training offers leading-edge courses covering finance, aviation, and IT for business professionals. With locations in Istanbul, Dubai, Edinburgh, and London, they provide comprehensive training programs to enhance skill sets.


London’s corporate training companies are at the forefront of driving innovation in workforce development. Through advanced technologies, immersive experiences, and tailored programs, these companies are transforming the way individuals and organizations acquire new skills, adapt to change, and excel in the ever-evolving business landscape. By providing effective and engaging training solutions, they empower professionals to unlock their full potential and drive organizational success. With their commitment to continuous learning and development, these 15 companies are shaping the future of corporate training in London and beyond.

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