Exchanging Paella for Pasties: The Cost-Saving Power of Staycations

July 7, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Rising interest rates could save British holidaymakers £5,000 by choosing Cornwall over Spain.
  • Google search data indicates a fall in interest for Spanish resorts and a surge for Cornwall.
  • A trade-off between Spain and Cornwall could cover significant household costs like energy bills and groceries.
  • Parkdean Resorts, the UK’s leading holiday parks operator, suggests that families could cover up to 9 months of grocery shopping or 2 years of energy bills with the savings.

About Parkdean Resorts:

Parkdean Resorts is the UK’s top operator of holiday parks, hosting over 3.5 million visitors annually. With a portfolio of 66 award-winning parks located in some of the UK’s most stunning locations, Parkdean is a front-runner in providing diverse, family-friendly holiday experiences. Committed to environmental sustainability and creating positive impact, the company offers a wide range of accommodations, from static caravans and luxury lodges to glamping spots and camping pitches. Their excellence in service has earned them recognition, including numerous British Travel Awards.

The Shift from Spanish Resorts to Cornish Coastlines

In light of rising interest rates and increased economic pressure on households, British holidaymakers are changing their travel plans. According to research by Parkdean Resorts, vacationers are turning away from Spain’s sunny shores and embracing the beauty of Cornwall, a move that could save them up to £5,000.

Google search data supports this trend, showing a significant 18% drop in interest for popular Spanish destinations like Malaga and Majorca, while interest in Cornwall has surged 83% in the past three months alone.

Parkdean Resorts’ Chief Customer Officer, Xavier Vallee, said, “With the Bank of England increasing interest rates again, the cost of mortgages for millions of homeowners on variable rates will be driven up further – meaning hardworking British families will be looking to cut back on spending in other areas.”

Vallee further noted the impact of increased airfares on spending patterns, suggesting that families who forgo overseas vacations could recoup substantial amounts.

How Much Can You Save?

To help families considering the switch from Malaga to Mullion or Benidorm to Perranporth, Parkdean Resorts compared costs between popular Spanish resorts and its Cornish holiday parks. The findings revealed that holidaymakers could spend up to six times more for a week-long trip to Spain than they would for a comparable holiday in Cornwall.

For instance, a week at a 4-star resort in Malaga in August could cost a whopping £5,240.31 more than a luxury lodge at Parkdean’s St Minver holiday park. This difference could cover up to 40 weeks’ worth of food shopping or 25 months of energy bills – a significant financial cushion for families feeling the economic pinch.

A Win-Win Situation: Saving Money and Enjoying Nature

By choosing to holiday within the UK, families not only save money but also get to explore the natural beauty of their homeland. Parkdean Resorts, with its extensive range of accommodations in stunning locations, offers an excellent alternative to overseas holidays.

Visitors to Parkdean’s holiday parks will find forests, peat bogs, rivers, beaches, and headlands among the 3,500 acres of unrepeatable freehold property. These parks offer an eco-friendly, cost-effective way to unwind, while contributing to the long-term sustainability of the local tourism industry.

With interest rates set to rise, the shift to domestic holidays looks set to continue. As British families become more conscious of their spending, the opportunity to save money and explore the beauty of the UK is becoming an increasingly attractive proposition. Parkdean Resorts, with its commitment to delivering top-quality experiences at a reasonable price, is poised to support this transition, proving that a great holiday doesn’t have to involve a passport.

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