FullCircl Acquires W2 Global Data Solutions: Revolutionizing Smart Customer Onboarding

August 26, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • FullCircl, the Customer Lifecycle Intelligence (CLI) platform for regulated businesses, has acquired W2 Global Data Solutions, a provider of real-time digital solutions for global regulatory compliance.
  • The acquisition strengthens FullCircl’s compliance suite and positions the company as a market leader in smart customer onboarding solutions.
  • The combined company enhances its coverage to entities in 160 countries and expands its offerings to various consumer-related finance sectors.
  • W2 Global Data Solutions will operate as “W2 by FullCircl,” and its leadership team will integrate with FullCircl’s senior management.

About FullCircl

FullCircl, the pioneering Customer Lifecycle Intelligence (CLI) platform, empowers financially regulated businesses to excel in their operations. By offering insights that drive better business practices, FullCircl enables companies to streamline operations and serve customers more efficiently. The company’s acquisition of W2 Global Data Solutions signals its commitment to enhancing its compliance capabilities and revolutionizing the field of customer onboarding.

Strengthening Compliance with W2 Global Data Solutions

W2 Global Data Solutions, a respected name in real-time digital solutions for global regulatory compliance, is a natural fit for FullCircl’s vision. With a focus on identity verification, W2’s services, including KYC (Know Your Customer), AML (Anti-Money Laundering), and anti-fraud solutions, align perfectly with FullCircl’s medium-term growth strategy. This strategic partnership enhances FullCircl’s suite of applications and APIs, paving the way for a comprehensive solution that covers the entire customer journey from acquisition to ongoing monitoring.

Expanding Global Reach and Market Appeal

The acquisition of W2 Global Data Solutions bolsters FullCircl’s global presence. The combined company now extends its coverage to entities located in 160 countries, making it a powerhouse in the realm of global regulatory compliance. The acquisition also opens doors to target new consumer-related finance segments, such as personal finance, gaming, gambling, and cryptocurrency. The enhanced suite of offerings caters to a wider range of industries, highlighting FullCircl’s commitment to diversification.

Seamless Transition and Leadership Integration

W2 Global Data Solutions will transition to operate as “W2 by FullCircl,” reflecting the unity of the two entities. Warren Russell, Founder and CEO of W2, will continue to lead the business and will join FullCircl’s senior management team. This collaborative approach ensures a smooth integration of leadership and expertise, enhancing the company’s capabilities in providing innovative customer onboarding solutions.

Shared Values and Mission

The synergy between FullCircl and W2 Global Data Solutions is grounded in shared values and a common mission. Both companies prioritize commitment to their teams, innovation, customer success, and growth. Warren Russell expresses his excitement about the merger, stating, “We are thrilled to become part of the FullCircl family.” The alignment of values and goals underscores the potential for transformative change in the industry.

The Future of Compliance and Risk Management

Andrew Yates, CEO at FullCircl, emphasizes the significance of the acquisition, noting that it marks a pivotal moment in the company’s growth journey. The collaboration with W2 Global Data Solutions is set to transform compliance and risk management processes for businesses operating in regulated industries. The integration of expertise and resources promises a groundbreaking approach to meeting compliance requirements while delivering exceptional customer experiences.

A New Chapter of Innovation

The acquisition of W2 Global Data Solutions by FullCircl signifies the beginning of an ambitious chapter in their journey. The combined resources, expertise, and talent form a powerhouse that is poised to redefine the landscape of smart customer onboarding. By leveraging the strengths of both entities, FullCircl aims to create a paradigm shift in compliance practices and reshape the way regulated businesses approach customer engagement.

About FullCircl

FullCircl is a revolutionary Customer Lifecycle Intelligence (CLI) platform designed to empower B2B companies operating in regulated industries. The platform offers a range of solutions that enable front and middle office teams to make informed decisions, streamline onboarding processes, and maintain lasting customer relationships. By harnessing data enrichment and a sophisticated rules engine, FullCircl optimizes regulatory compliance, reduces operational burdens, and drives automation. The platform’s web applications and APIs significantly lower the cost of acquiring and serving business customers, making it an essential tool for today’s dynamic regulatory landscape.

Following the merger of Artesian Solutions and DueDil, FullCircl emerged as a force to be reckoned with, backed by top-tier investors including Octopus Investments, Notion Capital, and Augmentum Fintech. With a customer base of 600 and over 15,000 users, FullCircl is well-positioned to drive positive change in the financial industry.

To learn more, visit fullcircl.com.

About W2 Global Data Solutions

W2 Global Data Solutions is a leading provider of real-time digital solutions designed to facilitate regulatory compliance. With a focus on empowering businesses to meet Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Document Verification, and Financial Risk checks, W2 Global Data Solutions ensures that businesses operate within regulatory frameworks while making informed decisions about their customers. The company’s mission is to simplify complex regulatory requirements and make compliance a seamless process for businesses.

W2 Global Data Solutions boasts access to data and services from leading providers, ensuring up-to-date and reliable information for businesses to meet their regulatory obligations. Through a single orchestration platform, W2 Global Data Solutions processes an impressive volume of onboarding and monitoring transactions while enabling businesses to onboard thousands of client customers annually.

For more information, visit w2globaldata.com.

In a world where compliance and customer engagement intersect, FullCircl’s acquisition of W2 Global Data Solutions marks a pivotal moment. The collaboration between these two industry leaders sets the stage for transformative change, signaling a future where smart customer onboarding becomes the cornerstone of compliance excellence.

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