Furnishing the Future: London’s Top 15 Innovative Furniture Startups

December 1, 2023

1. eve Sleep – The Luxury of Sleep Redefined

  • Website: eve Sleep
  • Description: Specializing in luxury sleep solutions, eve Sleep ensures every day begins perfectly with a great night’s sleep. Their innovative approach to mattresses and sleep accessories places them at the forefront of sleep wellness.

2. Vinterior – Vintage Charm for Modern Spaces

  • Website: Vinterior
  • Description: Vinterior celebrates the timeless beauty of vintage and antique furniture. This online marketplace connects lovers of unique, pre-loved pieces with their perfect furniture match.

3. ROOBBA – A Digital Haven for Furniture Lovers

  • Website: ROOBBA
  • Description: As an online furniture retailer, ROOBBA offers a wide array of stylish and contemporary furniture options for the discerning digital shopper.

4. Grand Voyage Holdings – Globe-trotting Furniture Styles

  • Website: The Light Zey
  • Description: Known as Frissonlife, Grand Voyage Holdings crafts a global shopping experience with a diverse range of furniture and lifestyle products.

5. Maison Flâneur – Homeware with a Story

  • Website: Maison Flâneur
  • Description: Blending lifestyle and culture, Maison Flâneur curates a marketplace of homeware that brings the world’s most beautiful hotels and restaurants into your home.

6. Swyft – Speed and Style in Furniture Design

  • Website: Swyft
  • Description: From sofas to beds, Swyft combines swift delivery with innovative design, ensuring quality furniture that keeps pace with modern lifestyles.

7. Perch and Parrow – Personalizing Your Space

  • Website: Perch and Parrow
  • Description: Offering a diverse range of furniture and home decor, Perch and Parrow’s online store is a go-to destination for unique and stylish interior design elements.

8. Oupick – Revolutionizing Furniture Shopping

  • Website: Oupick
  • Description: Oupick’s 3D Furniture marketplace leverages SaaS technology to transform how consumers visualize and purchase furniture online.

9. Mesitus – Elegance in E-commerce

  • Website: Mesitus
  • Description: Mesitus stands out as an e-commerce brand that prioritizes sleek design and ease of access, making furniture shopping an elegant experience.

10. Deskmate – Ergonomics Meets Innovation

  • Website: Deskmate
  • Description: Specializing in ergonomic furniture, Deskmate offers products like standing desks and laptop stands, fusing functionality with modern design.

11. Pepper Sq – Your Portal to Stylish Living

  • Website: Pepper Sq
  • Description: Pepper Sq is an e-commerce portal where functionality meets style, offering an array of furniture, storage solutions, and lighting accessories.

12. HILHIM – Diverse Designs for Every Home

  • Website: HILHIM
  • Description: HILHIM offers a broad selection of furniture and home decor items, catering to various tastes and interior design needs.

13. Lanserring – Bespoke Craftsmanship for Modern Homes

  • Website: Lanserring
  • Description: Lanserring redefines kitchen furniture with its bespoke designs and modern craftsmanship, blending aesthetics with practicality.

14. Caza – Tailored Furniture Solutions

  • Website: Caza
  • Description: Caza is renowned for its wide selection of furniture, providing comprehensive furnishing services for both commercial and residential spaces.

15. Eyra Design – Innovating for Mobility

  • Website: Eyra Design
  • Description: Eyra Design focuses on creating homewares that enhance mobility. Their products blend exceptional design with functionality, catering to a diverse range of needs.

Each of these London-based startups brings a unique flavor to the furniture industry, combining innovation, style, and practicality. Whether you’re looking for a vintage piece, a modern ergonomic solution, or a bespoke design, these companies are shaping the future of furniture

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