Hocoos Launches Powerful AI Website Builder That Creates Personal and Business Sites in Minutes

April 21, 2023

Hocoos, a leader in artificial intelligence-based website design, is celebrating the launch of its powerful AI website builder. Using state-of-the-art algorithms, the Hocoos AI website builder creates personalized websites in minutes, with no coding knowledge required from the user.

Users simply answer 8 questions to guide the Hocoos AI website builder in designing a personalized website with compelling design and content, for any brand. The AI website builder automatically generates written and visual content, which can be easily edited through a simple, easy-to-use design interface. Hocoos supports a suite of dynamic, mobile-friendly widgets for endless design possibilities, and adding features like blogs, storefronts, booking systems, or brand-specific photos and videos are just a click away.

For the first time with advanced AI technologies, Hocoos allows personal and business websites to be created in just minutes, saving consumers time, money, and headache in the digital world, at a fraction of the cost charged for traditional website builders. The powerful Hocoos AI website builder has been tested in various use cases and can build websites for brands in multiple industries, such as beauty and wellness, sports and fitness, e-commerce, photography, and business and finance, in minutes.

“At Hocoos, we envision a world where technology fuels dreams, not hinders them,” remarked Meir Amzallag, Chief Executive Officer of Hocoos. “We believe in a world where everyone can have a voice and a platform to share their ideas, and we’re thrilled to be making that a reality with the power of AI,” he added.

The Hocoos AI website builder is now available on a monthly or annual subscription in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Consumers can design personalized websites in minutes without touching a single line of code for just $15 per month, or enjoy a free premium domain as well as 2 months free for just $150 per year.

To learn more about Hocoos, please visit Hocoos.com.


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