KX Paves the Way for AI’s Future with Ground-breaking KDB.AI Early Access Program

August 5, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • KX announces Early Access Program for KDB.AI, a ground-breaking innovation in generative AI technology.
  • The KDB.AI vector database exhibits unprecedented statefulness and real-time adaptation capabilities, overcoming current vector database limitations.
  • KDB.AI offers universal compatibility across hyperscaler cloud platforms and on-premise use.
  • Industries like financial services, manufacturing, life sciences, and aerospace & defence stand to gain significantly from the unique capabilities of KDB.AI.
  • The Early Access Program offers participants a unique opportunity to influence the future of KDB.AI with exclusive access, unlimited usage, dedicated support, and a Developer Sandbox.

About KX and its Vision for AI

Founded on the mission to fast-track data and AI-driven business innovation, KX has been a game-changer in the data landscape. Its Data Timehouse™ platform is recognized for its exceptional processing capabilities and is trusted by top-tier investment banks, hedge funds, and leading companies across diverse sectors worldwide. The bedrock of this platform is the kdb+ time series and vector database, acknowledged for its unparalleled speed and scale in processing and analyzing data.

With the launch of KDB.AI, KX continues its trend of delivering transformative technology solutions that unearth richer insights, accelerate decision-making, and drive competitive growth for its customers.

Introducing KDB.AI: AI Revolutionized

Built on the robust and time-tested KDB+ engine, KDB.AI seeks to revolutionize AI technology. By overcoming traditional challenges such as statelessness, ultra-high-dimensionality problems, absence of causal reasoning, and explainability hurdles, KDB.AI ushers in a new era in AI’s potential for temporal reasoning and inference.

In the words of Ashok Reddy, CEO of KX, this launch signifies a “significant stride in KX’s history,” offering a unique opportunity for customers and partners to join them in redefining the future of AI.

A Game-changer Across Industries

From financial services to life sciences, KDB.AI’s unique capabilities can potentially transform various industries. Its real-time processing of vast time-series and alternate datasets can offer actionable insights for advanced market analytics and sentiment analysis in finance.

In manufacturing, KDB.AI can improve operational efficiency by enhancing quality control, predictive maintenance, and supply chain processes. Life sciences stand to benefit from quick and actionable insights from complex biological data, accelerating drug discovery and enabling personalized medicine. Lastly, organizations in aerospace and defence can leverage KDB.AI for efficient data management, enhancing real-time situational awareness, aircraft predictive maintenance, and cybersecurity.

Testimonials from Early Adopters

Jonny Press, Chief Technology Officer at Data Intellect, commends the integration of KDB.AI’s advanced generative AI capabilities into their consulting framework. He believes it enhances their approach to complex data challenges and opens up untapped potential of generative AI.

Asset Tarabayev, Chief Product Officer at Quantitative Brokers, shares his excitement over KDB.AI’s potential to enhance their ability to provide clients with industry-leading, intelligent execution analytics while continuing to offer the very best in research-driven trading solutions.

Exclusive Benefits of the Early Access Program

The Early Access Program offers an array of exceptional benefits to participants. This includes exclusive access to latest features and updates, unlimited usage of KDB.AI, dedicated support from KX, and a Developer Sandbox based on Jupyter notebook technology.

These benefits offer participants a comprehensive exploration of KDB.AI’s capabilities and a unique opportunity to influence the development of this ground-breaking technology.

With the launch of the Early Access Program for KDB.AI, KX is yet again set to transform the data landscape and lead the march into the future of AI.

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