LC Financial Holdings: Pioneering the Future of Credit Management through Strategic Acquisition of BCM Global

September 2, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • Strategic Acquisition: LC Financial Holdings (LCFH) proudly announces the successful completion of the acquisition of BCM Global, solidifying its position as a technology-driven credit specialist.
  • Innovation and Excellence: The integration of BCM into the LCFH Group reaffirms the company’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and client service in the management of consumer and SME loans, leases, and mortgages across Europe.
  • Unveiling New Possibilities: The collaboration between LCFH and BCM ushers in a new era of growth, technological advancements, and expanded services, benefitting clients, employees, and the financial industry as a whole.

About LC Financial Holdings (LCFH)

LC Financial Holdings (LCFH) stands as a leading technology-driven credit specialist with an extensive portfolio of businesses in the financial sector. The Group comprises LCM Partners, a prominent alternative credit investment manager in Europe, the Link Financial Group servicing companies, and LDMS, a technology provider specializing in the credit management sector. This powerhouse of companies is united by a common goal: to drive innovation, excellence, and efficiency in credit management and financial services.

A Strategic Leap: LCFH Acquires BCM Global

BCM Global (BCM), an established European leader in mortgage, real estate, and commercial loan servicing, has joined forces with LCFH in a monumental acquisition. This strategic partnership marks a pivotal milestone in LCFH’s journey as a technology-led credit specialist. The acquisition of BCM reinforces LCFH’s stronghold in managing consumer and SME loans, leases, and mortgages across Europe.

Expanding Horizons and Uniting Expertise

Established in 1998, LC Financial Holdings has been a key player in shaping the credit management landscape. The addition of BCM as the fourth pillar of the LCFH Group is a testament to the company’s commitment to embracing innovation and driving excellence in serving its originator clients and investors.

BCM’s operations, spread across multiple sites in Ireland, the UK, Italy, and the Netherlands, are now an integral part of the LCFH family. BCM’s core business lines encompass commercial and residential mortgage origination and management services, outsourcing of banking administration activities, and structured finance administration. With a reputation as a prominent European independent mortgage, real estate, and commercial loan servicer, BCM is poised for growth under the LCFH umbrella.

A Vision for the Future: Benefits for Clients and Organizations

The collaboration between LCFH and BCM holds the promise of expanded product offerings, operational efficiencies, and elevated client service. This strategic partnership creates a formidable force, managing assets of over €100 billion and serving nearly 7 million customers. With a dedicated team of almost 2,000 professionals, LCFH and BCM together cater to 110 financial institutions across 10 jurisdictions.

Paul Burdell, CEO of LCFH, emphasizes the significance of this partnership: “We truly believe that this combination has huge benefits, most of all for the customers and organizations we serve.”

Ushering in a New Era of Growth: Insights from BCM

Antoinette Dunne, CEO of BCM, highlights the transformative nature of this partnership: “Being a part of the LCFH Group ushers in a new era of growth and innovation for BCM. The partnership with LCFH brings a fresh perspective, a renewed emphasis on technological advancements, and valuable support for both expanding current activities and venturing into new territories.”

Joining forces with LCFH means redefining BCM’s business strategy, benefitting employees, forging new alliances, and enhancing the experiences of their existing client base. The partnership is a testament to the shared vision of both companies for the future of credit management and financial services.

Paving the Way for a Transformative Future

In conclusion, the strategic acquisition of BCM Global by LC Financial Holdings signifies a significant leap forward in the credit management landscape. This collaboration not only strengthens the position of both entities but also promises innovative solutions, expanded services, and elevated client experiences. With a combined commitment to excellence, innovation, and client service, LCFH and BCM are poised to redefine the future of credit management and financial services across Europe and beyond.

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