LG Unveils Inspiring ‘Life’s Good’ Campaign: A Message of Optimism Goes Global

August 26, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • LG Electronics introduces its dynamic and youthful Life’s Good global campaign, celebrating a renewed brand identity and philosophy.
  • Through digital out-of-home (OOH) advertisements at iconic landmarks worldwide, LG aims to inspire customers to approach life with optimism.
  • LG’s campaign extends to social media engagement, influencer partnerships, and innovative features to foster brand awareness and connection.

Redefining Identity: LG’s Vibrant ‘Life’s Good’ Global Campaign

SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — LG Electronics (LG) embarks on a new chapter with its groundbreaking Life’s Good global campaign. The campaign marks a transformative moment in LG’s brand identity, embracing a more dynamic and youthful visual representation.

Commencing on August 22, LG unveiled its Life’s Good campaign on the global stage. This captivating campaign encompasses a series of digital out-of-home (OOH) advertisements showcased at renowned landmarks across the globe, including Dubai, London, New York, Vietnam, and Seoul. Each striking image and captivating video is meticulously crafted to showcase LG’s refreshed visual themes.

Spreading Optimism Worldwide: The Essence of ‘Life’s Good’

At its core, LG’s global campaign seeks to communicate the powerful message of Life’s Good to its customers. With a world still grappling with the aftermath of the pandemic, LG aims to uplift and inspire individuals to approach life with renewed optimism. The campaign’s ultimate goal is to spread positivity and mutual support, making a meaningful impact during times of uncertainty.

This initiative not only introduces LG’s updated brand and visual identity but also aims to share the company’s philosophy and values. With a relentless commitment to embodying the essence of Life’s Good, LG unveiled its new brand and visual identity in April, marking a significant milestone in its brand reinvention journey.

Global Landmark Takeover: Visual Delights at Iconic Locations

LG’s latest campaign comes to life through captivating digital advertisements displayed at renowned landmarks across the globe. From Dubai’s towering Burj Khalifa to Vietnam’s striking Landmark 81 skyscraper, from New York’s iconic Times Square billboards to London’s vibrant Piccadilly Circus, LG’s dynamic presence is impossible to miss. Additionally, LG’s LED outdoor screen at Óvalo Gutiérrez in Peru, India’s KP Tower, and select spaces in South Korea add to the global visual spectacle. Even London’s iconic red double-decker buses have transformed into carriers of LG’s Life’s Good message, capturing attention with its revitalized visual identity.

A Vibrant Future: The “Face of the Future” and Youthful Energy

The advertisement videos at the heart of the campaign showcase the captivating “Face of the Future.” This cheerful visage is formed by the letters “L” and “G,” playfully nodding, bobbing, and expressing an array of emotions. Infused with the youthful vibrancy of LG Active Red, the campaign’s core color, the video exudes energy and positivity.

Engaging Digitally: Strengthening Connections through Social Media

LG’s commitment to engaging with young, global customers extends to its official social media channels. Starting from August 25, LG introduces innovative features such as the “LG Finger Heart Filter” and the “Life’s Good Sticker Package” on major platforms like Instagram and TikTok. These creative elements are part of a broader initiative to establish a global participation campaign, fostering a deeper connection between customers and the LG brand.

Partnering with Inspiring Influencers: Amplifying the Message

To amplify the Life’s Good message, LG has forged partnerships with notable global influencers who embody the spirit of “brave optimists.” These influencers, including American singer and actress Willow Smith, Australian national swimmer and singer-songwriter Cody Simpson, and Nigerian-Korean fashion model Jenny Park, inspire and instill hope among customers worldwide. Through these partnerships, LG aspires to create an environment of inspiration and positivity.

LG’s Vision for the Future: Transforming into a Smart Life Solution Company

July marked LG’s declaration of its vision to evolve into a “smart life solution company.” This vision entails creating seamless connections and expanding diverse customer experiences. LG’s brand reinvent activities at various customer touchpoints are a pivotal aspect of this transformation, solidifying its commitment to innovation and customer-centric approaches.

Lee Jeong-seok, head of LG Electronics’ Global Marketing Center, expressed the company’s dedication, stating, “We aim to enhance our communication with customers by sincerely sharing our core value and the message of Life’s Good. Filled with optimism, this message will be delivered to customers worldwide at various customer contact points.”

To delve deeper into LG’s Life’s Good campaign, visit www.lg.com/lifesgood/.

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