London’s CRM Innovators: Revolutionizing Customer Relationship Management

August 8, 2023


London, a global hub of innovation and technology, is home to a burgeoning ecosystem of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) startups. These companies are redefining the way businesses manage and engage with their customers, providing data-driven solutions that foster collaboration, streamline operations, and enhance customer experiences. In this feature, we delve into the realm of London’s CRM startups, showcasing 15 companies at the forefront of CRM innovation.

Attio: Pioneering Future-Focused CRM

Attio stands as the CRM of the future—data-driven, collaboratively customizable, and intuitively designed. Discover how Attio is shaping the CRM landscape at Attio

Avnio: AI-Powered RFP Automation

Avnio offers AI-powered solutions for RFP automation and PreSales operations, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency. Learn about Avnio’s innovative automation at Avnio

Embargo: Loyalty App and CRM for Hospitality

Embargo provides a beacon-powered loyalty app and SaaS/CRM system for the hospitality industry, enhancing customer loyalty and engagement. Explore Embargo’s hospitality solutions at Embargo

Pobuca: Revolutionizing Customer Experience

Pobuca is the customer experience company, connecting businesses with customers throughout their journey, on any device. Discover Pobuca’s customer-centric approach at Pobuca

Bluecoat: Intellectual Rights Management

Bluecoat pioneers the future of intellectual rights management, offering innovative solutions for managing creative content. Explore Bluecoat’s approach to rights management

HyperJar: Digital Payments and Rewards Platform

HyperJar presents a free digital payments, planning, and personalized rewards platform, transforming the way customers manage their finances. Learn about HyperJar’s innovative financial solutions at HyperJar

Moonstride: CRM and Software Development

Moonstride specializes in software development for CRM, booking engines, back offices, apps, and marketing, empowering businesses with tailored solutions. Discover Moonstride’s software expertise at Moonstride

Elemental Concept: Scalable Tech Solutions

Elemental Concept offers software development, investment, and business consultancy, crafting scalable tech solutions for diverse industries. Explore Elemental Concept’s approach to tech solutions at Elemental Concept

Transcount: Digitizing Freight Forwarding

Transcount digitizes freight forwarding processes, enabling logistics companies to provide digital freight forwarding services. Learn about Transcount’s role in transforming the logistics sector at Transcount

Precision Business Insights: Market Research and Consulting

Precision Business Insights is a leading market research and business consulting firm, providing insights to drive strategic decisions. Discover Precision Business Insights’ data-driven services at Precision Business Insights

Six & Flow: Growth Agency and HubSpot Partner

Six & Flow serves as a growth agency and HubSpot Elite Partner, leveraging CRM solutions to drive business growth and success. Learn about Six & Flow’s approach to growth strategies at Six & Flow

GreenflyAI: Elevating Customer Experience with AI

GreenflyAI harnesses AI to enhance customer experiences, creating tailored interactions that drive engagement and loyalty. Explore GreenflyAI’s AI-driven customer experiences at GreenflyAI

DataTiger: Real-Time Marketing Optimization

DataTiger offers a marketing-orchestration platform for real-time optimization of customer journeys across channels. Discover DataTiger’s role in personalized marketing at DataTiger

Upper Sigma: Salesforce Solutions for Legal Industries

Upper Sigma, a platinum Salesforce solutions integrator, offers CRM software for legal and professional services, optimizing client relationships. Learn about Upper Sigma’s legal industry solutions at Upper Sigma

Intelance: Unleashing the Power of Connected Data

Intelance empowers businesses with connected teams and data, unlocking limitless possibilities for growth and efficiency. Explore Intelance’s approach to connected solutions at Intelance


London’s CRM startups are redefining how businesses interact with their customers, leveraging technology to enhance experiences, optimize operations, and drive growth. These 15 pioneering companies are at the forefront of CRM innovation, shaping London’s business landscape and setting new standards for customer relationship management.

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