London’s Social Entrepreneurship Scene: Pioneering a Better Future

December 8, 2023

London’s startup landscape is buzzing with innovative companies dedicated to making a positive social impact. Here, we spotlight 15 social entrepreneurship companies making waves in the heart of England.

1. Millie

Millie is crafting a global community for international school students. This platform connects young minds across borders, fostering an environment of learning and cultural exchange.

2. Infinitum Education

Offering an immersive learning experience, Infinitum Education invites students to Oxford Summer Courses. A blend of education and culture, it’s a gateway to prestigious learning environments.

3. ChangeLabs

ChangeLabs collaborates with leading organizations to craft entrepreneurship and innovation programs. They’re reshaping the future of business and social impact through creative partnerships.

4. Unleashed

Unleashed is dedicated to guiding early-stage start-ups and scale-ups towards success. They provide the tools and insights necessary for building a thriving, socially responsible business.

5. OmniWork

OmniWork empowers solopreneurs with virtual storefronts, revolutionizing the way individual entrepreneurs engage with the market.

6. Big Youth Group

Big Youth Group aims to improve life chances for young people worldwide. Through their platform, youth aged 18-30 gain access to resources and opportunities.

7. Tuki

Tuki fosters team sharing within trusted communities, emphasizing collaboration and support in professional environments.

8. The Future Farm

The Future Farm is a haven for entrepreneurs and leaders, offering a platform to build dreams in a safer, more supportive ecosystem.

9. Tinderbox Tech

Tinderbox Tech specializes in developing online platforms for education and marketing automation, bridging technology and learning in innovative ways.


FACE DONATE connects those in need with those who care. It’s transforming the way we view giving, creating a more connected, empathetic world.

11. DISC Holdings

DISC Holdings is at the forefront of secure, cost-efficient transaction and identity solutions, offering individuals more control over their personal information.

12. Folkalist

Folkalist champions human collaboration, business innovation, and creative art through its mobile app, fostering a community of like-minded individuals.

13. otherDOTS Foundation

otherDOTS Foundation is a UK-based organization committed to social entrepreneurship, contributing to a variety of causes and initiatives.

14. Captionism

Captionism provides affordable subtitling services for educational publishers, harnessing the power of casual volunteers and gaming for social good.

15. The Diversity VC Standard

Setting a new benchmark in venture capital, The Diversity VC Standard is a certification process promoting best practices in diversity and inclusion within the VC industry.

Each of these London-based companies exemplifies the spirit of social entrepreneurship, proving that business success and social impact can go hand-in-hand. As they continue to innovate and inspire, they’re not just changing the business landscape — they’re changing the world.

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