Manx Telecom: Transforming Telecom Services with Cerillion’s Latest Upgrade

August 26, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  1. Manx Telecom, a leading telecommunications provider on the Isle of Man, has upgraded to Cerillion’s latest system release to streamline its operations.
  2. The upgrade enables Manx Telecom to adopt open standards and APIs, paving the way for further digitalization and automation of its business.
  3. Hugo van Zyl, CTO of Manx Telecom, and Louis Hall, CEO of Cerillion, both express satisfaction with the successful and on-time implementation of the upgrade.

About Manx Telecom

Manx Telecom is the dominant telecommunications provider on the Isle of Man. The company’s operations are intricately woven into the daily lives of residents and businesses on the Island. With a robust range of services that encompass fixed lines, mobiles, broadband, and secure data storage, Manx Telecom is a linchpin in the Isle of Man’s technological infrastructure. Continuous investments in the field have established the Isle of Man as a global hub for e-business and emerging technologies.

About Cerillion plc

Founded in 1999, Cerillion is a forerunner in the field of billing, charging, and customer management systems. With approximately 80 installations across 45 countries, Cerillion serves a diverse portfolio of clients including telecom giants like Liberty Global, KDDI, and Proximus.

Unpacking the Upgrade: What Does It Mean?

Streamlining Operations for Growth

Manx Telecom’s decision to upgrade was not one taken lightly. As Hugo van Zyl, Chief Technology Officer at Manx Telecom, explains: “The upgrade is key to Manx Telecom’s journey to streamline operations and establish a solid foundation for growth. Our trade-off is between simplicity and composability, between systems of record and differentiation, and Cerillion’s pre-integrated BSS/OSS suite offers the perfect balance – providing a very broad range of modules and functions that are not only highly configurable but also designed to work in unison, allowing simplification of our overall architecture but also giving flexibility to support business change.”

Open Standards and APIs

Another significant aspect of the upgrade is the incorporation of open standards-based software, including TM Forum certified Open APIs. These features are critical in accelerating the digital transformation agenda, providing Manx Telecom with the flexibility to easily integrate other systems and rapidly launch new products.

Meeting Milestones: On Time and On Budget

Implementing any form of technological upgrade, especially one that overhauls a telecom’s operational backbone, is no small feat. However, both Manx Telecom and Cerillion expressed satisfaction with the smooth transition. “Despite its size and complexity, it was completed on time and on budget,” says Hugo van Zyl.

Why This Upgrade is a Game-Changer

Enabling Business Changes via Configuration

Cerillion’s upgrade allows Manx Telecom to tailor its business processes and optimize user experience through configuration rather than customization. This flexibility simplifies integration while enabling rapid product launches.

From Streamlining to Digitalization

While the initial focus is on streamlining operations, the upgrade is also a stepping stone for Manx Telecom’s long-term digitalization and automation strategy. By adopting an open standards-based architecture, the company is creating a foundation for future growth and innovation.

Assurance of Success

Louis Hall, CEO of Cerillion, sums up the accomplishment: “BSS/OSS projects are certainly not trivial, but with our true product model and evergreen software upgrades we have simplified the whole process, providing the certainty of outcome that is needed to manage these mission-critical systems.”

Looking Ahead: What’s Next for Manx Telecom and Cerillion?

The upgrade isn’t an endpoint but a commencement of a strategic trajectory towards complete digital transformation. By enabling streamlined operations and facilitating easier integration with other systems, Manx Telecom and Cerillion have set the stage for future collaborations and innovations.

Both companies, having celebrated the successful implementation, are looking forward to leveraging their upgraded capabilities. With their roots firmly planted in this upgrade, Manx Telecom aims to expand its service offerings and reach, while Cerillion looks forward to cementing its role as a key enabler in the telecom industry.

Conclusion: A Strategic Leap into the Future

The successful upgrade of Manx Telecom’s Cerillion system epitomizes the perfect blend of vision, innovation, and technical expertise. For Manx Telecom, this is a transformative step towards streamlined operations and accelerated digitalization, while for Cerillion, it’s another feather in their cap as a provider of leading-edge solutions. As both companies gear up for the challenges and opportunities ahead, it’s clear that this upgrade is just the beginning of a new chapter in the realm of telecom services.

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