Materion: Meeting the Demands of Industry 4.0 with Advanced Materials

July 9, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Materion Corporation, a leading materials engineering solutions provider, has been featured in the July issue of Cyber Magazine. With their wide range of advanced materials, Materion plays a crucial role in enabling essential features of modern technology across industries such as aerospace, clean energy, automotive, medical, and even space. Their materials contribute to the reliability of electrical connectors in harsh conditions, faster data processing in semiconductors, and more efficient and vibrant LEDs.
  • Chris Roosien, Director of Infrastructure and Security at Materion, sheds light on how the company is meeting the demands of Industry 4.0 by continuously improving their manufacturing processes and plants.
  • According to Chris, an excellent prioritization model is essential to ensure Materion delivers products that align with the needs of Industry 4.0.

Materion in Cyber Magazine and the Role of Technology Magazine

Materion Corporation’s dedication to meeting the needs of the next industrial revolution has been highlighted in the July issue of Cyber Magazine. Cyber Magazine serves as a platform that connects technology brands and senior executives with the latest trends, industry insights, and influential projects in the digital transformation space.

Technology Magazine, a part of the BizClik Media portfolio, is an established and trusted voice in the technology industry. It engages with a highly targeted audience of global executives, providing a platform for showcasing products, sharing achievements, and enhancing reputations within the industry.

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