Mauve Group Announced Winner of the ‘Most Innovative Workforce Solution’ Award at the INT-X Awards 2023

June 8, 2023

Mauve Group is delighted to announce it has won the Most Innovative Workforce Solution award at the 2023 INT-X Awards. The category recognises the most innovative and high-quality solutions in today’s global marketplace.

Hosted by Centuro Global at the Global Expansion Conference in London, England, the annual awards showcase the key achievements and enablers of global success over the past 12 months.

The two-day Global Expansion Conference offers businesses the opportunity to meet and learn from experts and C-Suite executives from across the wider global mobility sector. On the first day of the event, Mauve Group CEO Ann Ellis participated in the panel ‘The Workplace of the Future: Leveraging Remote First to Win the Race for Global Talent’ with fellow executives from Heineken and Quereos.

This is the second consecutive year Mauve Group has won at the INT-X awards, last year going on to take home Best Client Service in Global Expansion. Having recently been shortlisted for two further awards at the Global Payroll Awards and the Relocate Awards, Mauve’s strong track record in global expansion is being recognised across the industry.

The application process for the award involved an initial written application shortlisted by INT-X’s judging panel, followed by a live-streamed LinkedIn event where all competing finalists pitched to show why they should win. The final stage of the process then went to a week-long public vote.

Mauve Group’s PR and Communications Manager, Rosalind Smith joined CEO Ann Ellis to accept the award and explained its value in showcasing Mauve’s role as an innovator in today’s global marketplace: “We are so honoured to be a two-time winner at the INT-X awards, last year for Best Client Service and now in this important new category against some incredible fellow finalists. What makes this even better is that both times we’ve been voted as winner by our industry peers, workers and clients – testament to our authenticity and genuine quality in an increasingly competitive market.”

Mauve Group’s award win enables the organisation to continue raising its profile as a pioneer in the Employer of Record industry, supporting more businesses with legitimately useful services and allowing more individuals to benefit from flexible, compliant work around the world.

About Mauve:

With over 27 years of experience, Mauve Group is a leading global HR, Employer of Record and business consultancy solutions provider. Mauve has developed the global knowledge to support businesses of any size planning to expand internationally.

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