Measure Protocol Announces New Targeting Capabilities for Behavioral Data

March 1, 2023

Measure Protocol, a leading consumer intelligence technology company, today announced new targeting capabilities based on detailed consumer behavioral data. The targeting allows for specific surveys to be delivered to respondents based on their behavioral characteristics. This data, collected in Measure’s privacy-first, fully permissioned environment, can help brands, app publishers, market research agencies and other organizations to identify survey respondents based on true behavioral data. The first methodology of its kind, it eliminates reliance on self-reported behaviors, instantly qualifies respondents based on desired characteristics, and streamlines respondent experience.

“At Measure Protocol our aim is to reduce waste for our clients in terms of both time and money. Through behavioral data we eradicate the wastage of claimed data and, with our new solution, we can then specifically target only respondents that have the exact, desired behavioral characteristics with a bespoke survey,” said Owen Hanks, CEO, of Measure Protocol. “Our new approach allows targeting based on very specific behaviors, improving experiences on both sides of the table, while boosting data quality.”

Measure’s community members have control and choose to share granular behavioral data inside a trusted environment that values both their time and their privacy. Organizations can tap into this shared data to easily find the right individuals for their market research projects and trackers, with assurances surrounding quality and transparency. Profiling data can include specifics such as:

  • Weekly hourly mobile usage, including engagement and usage of specific apps
  • In-app purchase behaviors, spending patterns and amounts spent, including Amazon purchases
  • Types of video content and specific shows watched on YouTube, Netflix and other streaming platforms
  • Increases or decreases in app and mobile service usage to identify at-risk and/or priority individuals
  • Data surrounding which customers and users also use a competitor app or service

This eliminates the need to route potential respondents through a series of profiling questions, reducing frustration and shortening the overall survey experience. Brands, market research agencies, app publishers and other organizations are able to reach highly profiled individuals who can provide the exact survey-based feedback needed for trackers or ad-hoc research projects.

Owen continued, “Engaging with individuals based on their behaviors results in higher data quality and engagement, saving time, effort and money and reducing risk. Our clients who use this approach can deliver results with confidence.”

About Measure Protocol

Measure was founded in 2018 by a group of media, ad tech and market research technology veterans who sought to solve challenges in the digital data collection space and provide brands with new opportunities for data and analytics. They believed that by changing the fundamental principles of data collection, with better access to valuable behavioral data, both brands and individuals could benefit. Today, Measure’s award-winning technology provides an ethical and transparent data marketplace that addresses challenges faced by brands and answers MAANG companies’ business-critical questions by leveraging hidden consumer behavioral data. Measure is a past winner of the ASC / MRS Award for Best Technology Innovation, The Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Award for Technology Impact, powered by Quirk’s, and is an alumni of the Creative Destruction Lab’s Blockchain program.

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