memoryBlue Acquires Operatix: Forging a Global Leader in B2B Sales Acceleration Services

July 29, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • memoryBlue, a prominent sales development consulting firm, acquires Operatix, a leading sales acceleration services provider for B2B technology companies.
  • The strategic merger creates a global solution, offering outsourced sales development services across North America, EMEA, LATAM, and APAC.
  • The combined entity will have over 750 employees, enabling comprehensive worldwide coverage in over 20 languages.
  • The acquisition aligns with memoryBlue’s growth strategy and vision to become the go-to-partner for B2B technology companies seeking revenue acceleration and global sales expansion.

About memoryBlue and Operatix:

memoryBlue, LLC, founded in 2002, is a reputable sales development consulting firm that specializes in helping technology companies accelerate new business growth. Their expertise extends to outsourced sales development, direct hire services for technology sales roles, and sales training through the Academy. With headquarters in Tysons, Virginia, memoryBlue operates in multiple locations, including Boston, Austin, Silicon Valley, Denver, and Seattle.

Operatix, established in 2012, is a sales acceleration partner catering to the B2B software industry. Based in London, Operatix provides outsourced sales development and marketing services to emerging, mid-sized, and enterprise technology businesses. The company also has offices in Dallas, San Jose, and Singapore, further expanding its global reach.

A Global Solution in Sales Acceleration:

The acquisition of Operatix marks a significant strategic milestone for memoryBlue, solidifying its position as a global leader in outsourced sales development services for the B2B technology ecosystem. The combined entity brings together two market leaders in the sales development industry, enabling them to offer a comprehensive worldwide coverage to clients across different regions.

Chris Corcoran, Managing Partner and co-founder of memoryBlue, emphasizes the significance of this acquisition: “Our merger with Operatix represents a key strategic milestone for memoryBlue. Not only does Operatix represent our first acquisition, but the transaction enables us to serve technology clients across the globe and be their go-to partner for business development efforts across North America, LATAM, the public sector, and now EMEA and APAC. This global reach is a capability we have long sought but haven’t been able to offer until now.”

Unified Leadership for Success:

Operatix’s co-founder and CEO, Aurelien Mottier, along with COO Robert Westell, will play essential leadership roles within the combined company. They will join memoryBlue’s existing management team, led by Chris Corcoran and Marc Gonyea, both Managing Partners and co-founders.

Marc Gonyea speaks optimistically about the partnership with Operatix: “We couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with Operatix to deliver a truly differentiated global solution to customers – all while maintaining the highest delivery standards for clients and best-in-class culture and career opportunity for our people. We are uniquely positioned as a combined company to drive a high ROI for our clients’ new business development efforts given our outsourced delivery model and our differentiated, local access to key global markets – particularly for enterprise customers who require access to international growth markets.”

A Seamless Fit:

The shared values, vision, and complementary service offerings between memoryBlue and Operatix make this partnership a seamless fit. Aurelien Mottier, who will serve as the President of the combined business, expresses enthusiasm about the collaboration: “We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve built at Operatix over the past decade and believe that partnering with memoryBlue is the most logical next step in our growth plan not only because of our complementary service offerings but also alignment on culture, values, and vision.”

Empowering B2B Technology Companies:

memoryBlue and Operatix both share a common goal of empowering B2B technology companies to accelerate their revenue growth and expand their sales operations globally. Operatix specializes in outsourced sales development services, working closely with clients’ internal sales teams to focus on pipeline generation and lead qualification.

The acquisition aligns with memoryBlue’s vision of becoming the go-to-partner for B2B technology companies seeking to optimize their business development efforts worldwide. As a combined entity, memoryBlue and Operatix aim to offer a unique value proposition to enterprise customers, providing access to international growth markets through a comprehensive outsourced delivery model.

Enhanced Quality of Service and Global Expansion:

Following the acquisition, the combined company will focus on implementing an integration plan to enhance the quality of service offered to clients. The partnership also opens up opportunities for service expansion in different geographic regions, further solidifying their status as a global leader in sales acceleration services.

The growth of the combined global footprint will translate into enhanced professional opportunities for employees, supporting their career growth and development within the organization.

A Winning Combination for Clients and Employees:

The merger between memoryBlue and Operatix represents a winning combination for both clients and employees. Clients will benefit from a unified and comprehensive sales acceleration solution that spans multiple regions, while employees can look forward to expanded professional opportunities within a larger and globally influential organization.

The acquisition enhances memoryBlue’s position as a portfolio company of Avesi Partners, a leading private equity firm with $880 million of equity capital under management.


The acquisition of Operatix by memoryBlue marks a pivotal moment in the sales development industry, uniting two market leaders to create a global force in B2B sales acceleration services. This strategic merger enables memoryBlue to offer its outsourced sales development services to technology clients across the globe, covering North America, LATAM, EMEA, and APAC.

The shared values and vision between memoryBlue and Operatix position them as a well-aligned and cohesive partnership, focused on delivering the highest quality service to clients and providing exceptional professional growth opportunities for their employees.

As memoryBlue and Operatix come together to chart a path for further geographic expansion and service-line growth, they solidify their position as the go-to-partner for B2B technology companies seeking to accelerate their revenue and scale their sales operations

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