Nanotech Leader Dr Hugo Perez-Garza Wins Business Worldwide Magazine’s CEO Award

October 4, 2022

The CEO of nanotech company DENSsolutions has been named a winner of Business Worldwide Magazine’s 2022 CEO Awards.

The Awards are a celebration of innovative, inspirational leaders from all over the world, across a wide range of sectors. Rather than focusing on the overall successes of a company as many other business awards do, here the focus is on the leaders at their helms – the CEOs and other C-Suite executives who are fostering change in their related fields. The aim is to give worthy individuals the recognition they deserve, while inspiring others to achieve similar successes.

Dr Hugo Perez-Garza was named as the outright winner in his category, gaining the title of “Most Innovative CEO in the Nanotech Industry”.

DENSsolutions is dedicated to changing the world “one atom at a time”, which Dr Perez-Garza believes is the key to unlocking unprecedented research. The company is already gaining an impressive name for itself as a game-changing leader in its field.

Based in Delft, the Netherlands, DENSsolutions offers a suite of in situ transmission electron microscopy tools designed to help researchers and companies around the world genuinely change the world for the better.

Dr Perez-Garza is both a talented academic and an entrepreneurial businessperson; a combination that has led the company to unprecedented levels of success in just a few years. He has always been passionate about taking his knowledge of science – gained through three Masters’ degrees and two PhDs – into the business world, and he is now widely recognised as one of the leading minds in the world of nanotechnology.

In situ transmission electron microscopy has allowed a quantum leap when it comes to research practices across an incredible range of disciplines. But while transmission electron microscopes are valuable tools in the research process, they come with their own restrictions. DENSsolutions identified that these restrictions were holding back research and development, and that a certain solution would unlock a whole new world of innovation across an incredible range of use cases.

By introducing smart sample carriers, DENSsolutions’ in situ TEM solutions now enable researchers to study samples in real time while under real-world conditions, creating a nano-laboratory inside their microscopes. Being able to replicate environmental conditions such as heating, gas and liquid, is understandably hugely valuable and allows researchers to drive a much faster rate of innovation in their chosen fields.

DENSsolutions embraces innovation in all aspects of its business, which means the company has been able to develop a culture of experimentation, consistent learning, and a focus on being crystal clear about the problems they are trying to solve.

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