Navigating Turbulent Waters: How Peninsula Adopts Maritime AI for Enhanced Compliance and Risk Management

August 19, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • Peninsula Integration: The global marine energy supplier Peninsula integrates Windward’s Maritime AI™ to bolster its compliance processes amidst evolving global trade regulations.
  • Decision-Making Enhancement: Windward’s AI-driven insights aim to simplify decision-making, allowing firms to operate confidently even in intricate regulatory environments.
  • Keeping Ahead: As global regulations tighten, particularly in the wake of geopolitical tensions, advanced tech solutions become pivotal in ensuring businesses are always ahead of the curve.

About Peninsula: The Vanguard of Marine Energy Solutions

Situated at the intersection of trade and technology, Peninsula has established itself as a foremost figure in the marine fuels sector. Their operations span across major world ports, ensuring marine energy solutions are dispatched seamlessly from a comprehensive global trading network. By executing over 25,000 deliveries annually, Peninsula has become a reliable partner for more than 2,000 global customers. Their unwavering commitment to transparency and risk aversion has earned them widespread recognition as a forerunner in the marine energy domain.

Strengthening Compliance Amidst Global Tensions

The recent geopolitical unrest, highlighted by the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, has ushered in a slew of regulatory changes. The EU Commission, in its 11th package of sanctions, has given ports the authority to reject vessels employing deceptive shipping practices to bypass these sanctions. This changing landscape underscores the need for robust counterparty due diligence to prevent inadvertent collaborations with malicious entities. For companies like Peninsula, where split-second decisions are crucial in bunker trading and supply, technology that offers rapid compliance feedback becomes invaluable. This is precisely where Windward’s Maritime AI™ makes its mark.

Windward: Sailing with Maritime AI™

Driven by its advanced machine learning and behavioral analytics, Windward’s Maritime AI™ offers an in-depth look into vessel behaviors, company risks, and ownership structures. With its ability to predict high-risk entities in real-time, companies gain an upper hand in staying ahead of ever-evolving regulations and behavioral patterns.

Ami Daniel, Co-Founder and CEO of Windward, emphasized the growing reliance on their platform: “As global regulations and sanctions become increasingly complex, it is essential for stakeholders to stay ahead of the curve so they can conduct more business with greater confidence…With our Maritime AI solution, Peninsula’s legal and risk teams will be able to bolster their existing compliance programs…providing them a holistic and accurate view of maritime risk.”

Windward’s insights will be directly incorporated into Peninsula’s compliance framework. By doing so, Peninsula can streamline their risk evaluation with a definitive risk score and risk indicators, thus amplifying their efficiency.

A Partnership Steered by Mutual Vision

Alex Jamet, General Counsel of Peninsula, voiced the company’s sentiment in opting for Windward’s solution. He stated, “Peninsula has always taken sanctions compliance very seriously…Windward stood out as the clear best in class solution to provide us with a thorough and accurate view of maritime risk. Their advanced technology, comprehensive data coverage, and robust analytics capabilities empower our risk functions to make prudent, accurate decisions to rapidly support our global commercial teams.”

About Windward: Charting the Future of Maritime Intelligence

Positioned at the forefront of Maritime AI™, Windward provides an unparalleled platform that addresses risk management and maritime domain awareness, aiming to accelerate global trade. Their AI-fueled decision support platform offers an encompassing perspective of the maritime ecosystem, making it indispensable for stakeholders ranging from shipping companies and insurers to governments and banks. By facilitating real-time, predictive intelligence-driven decisions, Windward ensures stakeholders are always prepared, operationally and strategically.

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