New Look Integrates Parcellab Platform to Bolster Post-purchase Customer Experience and Drive Loyalty

February 20, 2023

New Look, the UK’s leading feel-good fashion brand for 18–45-year old’s, has partnered with parcelLab, the premier global provider of post-purchase customer experience software, to enhance the post-purchase experiences for its online customers. The partnership will enable New Look to provide proactive messaging and personalised communications from purchase to delivery, and beyond.

New Look’s decision to invest further in the post-purchase experience is part of a wider drive to continue leading in customer centric fashion. With the support of parcelLab, New Look will be enhancing the relationship with each individual customer by providing greater transparency and more personalised communications.

Leveraging parcelLab’s technology, New Look will be able to undertake direct communications with customers, including important information updates on the status of their orders. It will also enable the fashion brand to make personalised and relevant recommendations to shoppers on additional items they may be interested in based on previous purchase behaviour, supporting the brand’s growth aspirations.

Nick Ormerod, Director of Ecommerce, at New Look commented: “As a company, we always strive to cultivate the best possible experiences for fashion lovers, whether in store or online. The partnership with parcelLab will help us to provide seamless post-purchase interactions that keep customers happy and engaged. Having timely and relevant communication with our customers at this important stage of the purchase journey not only reduces the pressure on our teams internally – meaning that when an issue does arise, they can provide faster responses – but it means we are well positioned to drive greater loyalty and repeat purchases.”

Tobias Buxhoidt, CEO and Co-Founder at parcelLab, commented: “We’re delighted to be working with such a forward-thinking brand as New Look, helping them to continue providing the best possible experiences to their customers. At this critical time for the retail industry, it’s more important than ever that brands make each interaction with customers meaningful and relevant – and the post purchase experience is a crucial part of this. We look forward to supporting New Look in providing customers with clear and proactive communications that are key to unlocking loyalty and enabling business growth.”

About New Look

New Look is a leading fashion retailer operating in the value segment of the clothing and footwear market in the UK and Republic of Ireland, with a targeted online presence.

New Look offers products and a shopping experience based on excitement, value and newness. The New Look brand is distinct and trusted in the UK, catering to a broad customer audience.

New Look ranked No. 1 for overall Womenswear market share in the 18 to 44 age range (based on Kantar Worldpanel published data 52 weeks ended 7 March 2021 (Womenswear by value).

About parcelLab

parcelLab is the only truly global enterprise post-purchase software provider, enabling brands to increase top-line revenue, decrease operational cost, and optimize customer experience in an unprecedented way. Our award-winning post-purchase platform empowers brands to transform mundane operational touchpoints into the most differentiated and personalized experience, creating unique moments of pure joy for their customers.  Trusted by over 700 brands including IKEA, Chico’s, H&M, and Yeti, we actively manage the post-purchase experience across 175 countries and track shipping data from more than 350 carriers worldwide.  Find out more at

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