nShift: 50,000 companies face new sustainability reporting requirements in 2024

May 13, 2023

European companies will soon be compelled to report their carbon footprint across the value chain as part of a new set of sustainability regulations.  nShift, the global leader in delivery management software, is encouraging companies to get ahead of the new requirements and to begin tracking their emissions now.

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) will take full effect by June 16 2024.  Among other measures, the legislation will require some 50,000 companies that do business within the European Union (EU) to report on their past and present greenhouse gas emissions.

nShift Transport Management System (TMS) features a market-leading emissions tariff engine.  It calculates the levels of emissions on shipments using values provided by the Network for Transport Measures (NTM), or sourced from customers.  This helps manufacturers, warehouses, logistics providers and retailers identify and use more sustainable transport options, meet increasing regulatory requirements, and reduce their carbon footprint.

With nShift TMS, companies can:

  • Make decisions on how to reduce their carbon footprints based on expected emissions values
  • Create detailed reports to meet regulatory compliance requirements
  • Conduct even deeper analysis using analytics business information tools

Transport is responsible for a quarter of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions[1].  Meeting new reporting requirements is often complex and time consuming for businesses.

nShift TMS’s emissions tariff engine has a proven track record of success.  In 2022, it won the bronze award in the ‘Best sustainability initiative” category at the Ecommerce Awards.  It conforms to EN16258, ISO14083 & GLEC framework.

Mattias Gredenhag, CTO at nShift said: “Reporting on CO2 emissions is increasingly a regulatory requirement for many companies, driven by the introduction of several major regulatory frameworks across Europe. Most notably, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive which will make it mandatory for many businesses to report annually on their emissions.”

“With the emissions engine on nShift TMS, businesses can understand and quantify their Scope 1 and 3 emissions across their supply chain, from inbound and outbound shipping.”

nShift connects its customers to a library of over 1000 carriers.  This makes it easier for retailers and web shops to facilitate sustainable shipping options.  nShift’s Checkout solution enables retailers to seamlessly display and badge sustainable delivery options on the webshop.


About nShift

nShift is the global leading provider of cloud delivery management solutions enabling frictionless shipment and return of almost one billion shipments across 190 countries annually. nShift’s software is used globally by e-commerce, retail, manufacturing and 3PL shippers. The company is headquartered in London and Oslo. It has over 500 employees across offices in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Romania.

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