Pheon Therapeutics Welcomes Cyrus Mozayeni, MD as CEO to Lead Advancements in Cutting-Edge Cancer Therapies

July 29, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Pheon Therapeutics appoints Cyrus Mozayeni, MD, an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience, as Chief Executive Officer.
  • Dr. Mozayeni brings a strong background in company building and strategic business development to drive Pheon’s growth in the Antibody-Drug Conjugate (ADC) space.
  • Pheon’s lead program is a first-in-class ADC targeting a novel biomarker expressed in various hard-to-treat cancer types.
  • The company’s pipeline aims to provide groundbreaking therapies for solid tumors and liquid cancers that have not responded to traditional treatments.

About Pheon Therapeutics: Pioneering the Next Generation of Cancer Therapies

Pheon Therapeutics (Pheon) is a renowned Antibody-Drug Conjugate (ADC) specialist company dedicated to developing cutting-edge ADC therapies for a wide range of hard-to-treat cancers. The company has recently made a significant stride by announcing the appointment of Cyrus Mozayeni, MD, as its Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Mozayeni brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise in the biotechnology industry, with a proven track record of company building and driving strategic business growth.

Founded with the vision of revolutionizing cancer treatment, Pheon Therapeutics focuses on the development of ADC therapies that offer immense potential for treating solid tumors and liquid cancers that have not responded to conventional treatments. The company’s lead program involves a first-in-class ADC targeting a novel biomarker expressed across various hard-to-treat cancer types. With a world-class leadership team and expert healthcare investors, Pheon is poised to make significant advancements in the field of cancer therapeutics.

A Visionary Leader: Dr. Cyrus Mozayeni

Dr. Cyrus Mozayeni’s appointment as CEO marks a pivotal moment for Pheon Therapeutics. With over 20 years of experience in the biotechnology industry, Dr. Mozayeni has demonstrated a remarkable ability to drive strategic business growth and lead transformative ventures.

Before joining Pheon Therapeutics, Dr. Mozayeni co-founded and led Vedere Bio, Inc., a pioneering biotech company specializing in novel therapeutic solutions. His leadership at Vedere Bio was instrumental in its successful acquisition by Novartis in a deal valued at $280 million. Dr. Mozayeni’s entrepreneurial acumen and vision have consistently fueled innovation in the biotech sector, making him an ideal fit to guide Pheon through its next stage of growth.

In addition to his contributions at Vedere Bio, Dr. Mozayeni co-founded CODA Biotherapeutics and Oncorus, where his visionary leadership played a crucial role in propelling these companies towards success. His tenure as Vice President and Global Head of Business Development and Alliance Management at Bluebird Bio also witnessed the inception of a clinical-stage CAR T-cell program in collaboration with Celgene.

Dr. Mozayeni’s journey towards pioneering cancer therapeutics began with his academic pursuits. He earned a Sc.B. in neuroscience from Brown University, an M.D. from the University of Virginia School of Medicine, and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Dr. Mozayeni’s comprehensive understanding of the medical and business realms has been instrumental in shaping his dynamic leadership style.

Driving Transformational Therapies at Pheon: The Road Ahead

As the newly appointed CEO of Pheon Therapeutics, Dr. Cyrus Mozayeni is enthusiastic about the company’s prospects and its potential to revolutionize cancer treatment. He stated, “Pheon has a uniquely differentiated and preclinically validated approach to discovering and developing ADC therapeutics. Our lead program is a first-in-class product that has shown exceptional performance across a range of preclinical efficacy and safety testing. Beyond our lead program, we are leveraging our platform to build a pipeline of high-value ADC products. I am honored and excited to lead this team as we transition into a clinical-stage company and advance our transformative therapies for patients in need.”

The strategic appointment of Dr. Mozayeni aligns seamlessly with Pheon’s mission of delivering groundbreaking ADC therapies to address unmet medical needs in cancer treatment. The company’s focus on ADCs is driven by the potential of these therapies to selectively target cancer cells while sparing healthy tissues, thereby reducing the adverse effects associated with conventional chemotherapy.

A Strong Partnership for Advancement: Jeff Albers as Chairman

Dr. Mozayeni’s appointment as CEO coincides with the recent appointment of Jeff Albers as Chairman of the Board at Pheon Therapeutics. This powerful combination of visionary leaders sets the stage for accelerating the company’s growth and advancing its unique ADCs as a game-changing and rapidly growing modality.

Jeff Albers, Chairman of Pheon Therapeutics, expressed confidence in Dr. Mozayeni’s capabilities, stating, “Cyrus’ extensive experience and a proven track record make him the ideal person to guide Pheon through our next stage of Company growth. He joins our leadership team as we build Pheon’s presence in the US and continue to advance our unique ADCs.”

A Transformative Pipeline: Advancing Cancer Therapies

Pheon Therapeutics’ dedication to pioneering ADC therapies is manifested through its pipeline of monotherapies targeting novel biomarkers and employing novel payloads. ADCs represent a promising avenue in cancer treatment, and Pheon’s lead program holds great potential as a first-in-class ADC targeting a novel biomarker highly expressed in a broad range of hard-to-treat cancer types.

Supported by expert healthcare investors, including Atlas Venture, Brandon Capital, Forbion, and Research Corporation Technologies (RCT), Pheon is well-positioned to drive the development of these transformative therapies. The company’s leadership team, composed of experts in ADC engineering, clinical development, and management, ensures that Pheon’s innovative ADC therapies reach patients in need effectively.

A Bright Future: Empowering Patients through Innovations

As Pheon Therapeutics embarks on a journey of growth and advancement under the leadership of Dr. Cyrus Mozayeni, the biotechnology industry eagerly anticipates the potential breakthroughs that lie ahead. With a focus on patient-centered innovation and a commitment to revolutionizing cancer treatment, Pheon Therapeutics strives to empower patients and healthcare professionals in their fight against cancer.

As the company’s transformative therapies progress towards clinical-stage development, the world waits with bated breath for the advent of novel and effective ADC therapies that have the potential to transform the landscape of cancer treatment. The vision of Pheon Therapeutics, supported by the expertise of its leadership team, represents a beacon of hope in the battle against hard-to-treat cancers, promising a future where patients can access cutting-edge treatments that offer renewed hope and possibility.

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