Plants to the Rescue: A Creative Revolution Promoting Workplace Wellbeing

July 19, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  1. National Plants at Work Week 2023, celebrated at Oxford Business Park, emphasises the importance of plants to our health and wellbeing through an innovative ambulance display.
  2. Multiple studies confirm that plants improve moods, reduce stress levels, increase concentration, and enhance workflow.
  3. Promoting workplace greenery could boost productivity and creativity while alleviating stress.
  4. The event’s overarching message highlights the vital role that plants play in our lives, akin to the critical services rendered by healthcare professionals.

About Plants@Work

Plants@Work is an association dedicated to the promotion of the benefits of having plants in the workplace. Through various initiatives, the association highlights the myriad ways that greenery can positively influence human health, wellbeing, and productivity. With members spanning different sectors, Plants@Work utilises storytelling and innovative events to disseminate their message, encouraging more companies to integrate plant installations in their environments.

National Plants at Work Week 2023: A Creative Display

This year, the celebration of National Plants at Work Week at the Oxford Business Park took an intriguing turn with the appearance of an ambulance. Rather than tending to a medical emergency, the vehicle was laden with greenery, turning heads and sparking curiosity.

The ambulance, a symbol of health and lifesaving intervention, was brimming with plants, thereby substantiating the campaign’s hashtag, #plantstotherescue. According to Plants@Work Ambassador Ian Drummond, “The ambulance felt like the perfect tool to confirm the importance of plants to our health and wellbeing.”

The Power of Plants: Unraveling the Benefits

Long-standing research affirms that plants can significantly impact our emotional state and workflow. “Research over many years has shown that plants improve our moods, reduce stress levels, and generally help our workflow,” said Drummond. “They can improve our performance and concentration plus they lessen noise by deflecting and diffracting sound.”

Botanica Nurseries, a company with over 35 years of experience installing and maintaining interior and exterior plant displays, echoes this sentiment. Shirley Smith, a representative, adds, “Plants make us more productive and help our creativity as well as reduce our stress levels.”

More than Decor: Acknowledging the Work of Plants

The use of an ambulance during the event was more than just a creative visual. It symbolised the respect that plants deserve for their positive influence on our health and wellbeing, much like the respect we accord to healthcare services.

Drummond explained, “The ambulance is a great symbol to show how we should respect the work that plants do for us in the same way as we respect the National Health Service, including ambulance crews.”

Celebrating Greenery in the Workplace

The National Plants at Work Week 2023, celebrated from 10 – 14 July, aims to bring awareness to the benefits of incorporating plants in the workplace. Plants@Work and its members utilise online platforms to share stories and experiences that emphasise the importance of greenery at work, using the hashtags #plantsatworkweek and #plantstotherescue.

To further propagate the influence of plants in work environments, visit the Plants@Work website and follow their social media platforms. Through initiatives like these, Plants@Work and its partners strive to foster a healthier, happier, and more productive workspace, one plant at a time.

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