Predicting Success: London’s Top 15 Predictive Analytics Startups Transforming the Tech Landscape

November 20, 2023


London, a bustling hub of innovation and technology, is home to some of the most groundbreaking startups in the field of Predictive Analytics. This article explores 15 companies that are not only shaping their respective industries but also redefining how we perceive and utilize data-driven predictions.

1. Circuit Mind

Website: Circuit Mind
Description: Specializing in AI solutions, Circuit Mind is revolutionizing the way artificial intelligence is integrated into various systems.

2. Quin AI

Website: Quin AI
Description: Merging analytics with e-commerce and machine learning, Quin AI is a trailblazer in enhancing digital commerce experiences.


Description: As an InsurTech B2B company, DESAISIV offers bespoke AI SaaS that leverages vast data points to optimize insurance processes.

4. Gardenia Technologies

Website: Gardenia Technologies
Description: Focused on innovative solutions in working capital, Gardenia Technologies is a leader in insightful financial analytics.

5. Gfaive

Website: Gfaive
Description: Gfaive’s AI platform is reshaping the fashion industry by streamlining assortment planning and demand forecasting.

6. Gleensite

Website: Gleensite
Description: Gleensite offers a predictive analytics mapping software, enhancing decision-making capabilities across various sectors.

7. Programmai

Website: Programmai
Description: Programmai’s predictive marketing technology is significantly boosting customer acquisition and retention strategies.

8. Grad DNA

Website: Grad DNA
Description: This innovative app uses psychometric assessments to match students and recent graduates with suitable employers.

9. We Love Work

Website: We Love Work
Description: A people analytics platform, We Love Work™ is transforming how companies audit and enhance their culture.

10. See Fashion

Website: See Fashion
Description: Specializing in AI-powered personalization and business intelligence for fashion e-commerce.

11. Alpha-i

Website: Alpha-i
Description: Offering predictive maintenance solutions for the aerospace and wind energy sectors.

12. I-LAPS Artificial Intelligence

Website: I-LAPS AI
Description: i-LAPS™ is transforming sports performance analysis with real-time analytics and insights.

13. Alicorn Venture Capital

Website: Alicorn Venture Capital
Description: A venture capital firm investing in promising predictive analytics startups.

14. Waive

Website: Waive
Description: Waive’s Consumer Intelligence Platform leverages AI to connect businesses with future consumers for data-centric decision-making.

15. KAMS

Description: Specializing in technology, transactions, and network research, KAMS is an emerging name in predictive analytics.


These 15 startups in London are not just businesses; they are the harbingers of a data-driven future. With their innovative approaches and groundbreaking technologies, they stand at the forefront of the Predictive Analytics revolution, shaping industries and influencing how we will interact with technology in the years to come.

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