Pzena Investment Management implements Rimes’ investment management platform Matrix

May 11, 2023

Pzena Investment Management, LLC, a US-headquartered investment firm, is implementing Rimes’ investment intelligence solution Matrix to support its efforts to streamline operations, mitigate risk, and enhance its portfolio optimization capabilities. With the increasing demand for customized versions of core product offerings, Pzena sought a systematic solution that would eliminate manual intervention and provide a scalable solution that could integrate seamlessly with existing systems.

The Matrix platform simplifies the management of complex, multi-level investment and product structures, clarifying portfolio management and investment decisions and providing Pzena with precisely what they were looking for. While Pzena’s needs were straightforward, the Matrix platform’s portfolio optimization capabilities also allow managers to select the most favourable asset distribution strategy from a broad and diverse range, including the tangible and illiquid portfolios being considered, according to agreed performance and duration objectives. This approach maximizes factors such as anticipated returns and minimizes financial, regulatory or reputation risk exposure.

Brian Mann, Chief Data Officer and Director of Operations at Pzena Investment Management, LLC, said, “Managing complexity is always a challenge. Therefore, our aim is to create an operationally efficient, data-enabled technology environment. In our evaluation of various solution providers, we were particularly impressed with the Matrix portfolio optimization module, which enables us to consistently monitor and adapt customized portfolios to align them with agreed-upon client-specific objectives. We believe this will make a major difference in our ability to support future growth in a highly competitive marketplace.”

Stuart Plane, MD and Head of Investment Intelligence Solutions at Rimes concluded. “The relationship with Pzena Investment Management, LLC further demonstrates the flexibility and broad appeal of the Rimes IDM solution. The implementation is well underway and is developing into a strong and mutually supportive business partnership.”

About Rimes

Rimes is an enterprise data management partner to the global investment community. Driven by our passion for solving the most complex data problems, we provide our clients with investment intelligence that powers more than 50 trillion in AUM annually. The world’s leading institutional investors, asset managers and service providers rely on Rimes to help them make better investment decisions using accurate information and industry-leading technology. Headquartered in New York and London, Rimes services its global clients through offices in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific.

About Pzena Investment Management, LLC

Pzena Investment Management, LLC is an investment manager based in New York City with a strict focus on long-term classic value investing. The firm manages US, non-US, and global portfolios with a goal of long-term alpha generation. Since the firm’s inception, Pzena has built a diverse, global client base of institutional and retail investors. Pzena also has business development/client service offices in Melbourne, Australia and London, England, and an operational and distribution office in Dublin, Ireland.

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