Revolutionizing Cloud Operations: UST Joins Forces with Plutora

July 7, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • UST, a leading digital transformation solutions company, announces a partnership with Plutora, a value stream management solutions provider for enterprise IT.
  • The collaboration promises greater transparency and visibility for test environment planning, simplifying cloud migration, and optimizing resource usage.
  • UST’s Cloud Manager’s Cost Control module will integrate with Plutora, offering detailed billing reports and bespoke savings recommendations.
  • Executives from both companies highlight the synergy and potential benefits of this partnership, with a focus on optimizing cloud operations and driving cost efficiencies.

UST and Plutora: An Unprecedented Alliance

UST, a global leader in digital transformation solutions, has recently unveiled a strategic partnership with Plutora, a renowned provider of value stream management solutions for enterprise IT. This collaboration promises to revolutionize the way cloud operations are handled, bringing greater transparency and visibility into test environment planning.

Streamlining Cloud Operations

The partnership will deliver unified scheduling and optimized utilization of environments, greatly simplifying cloud migration and bolstering test team productivity. Furthermore, the integration of UST’s Cloud Manager’s Cost Control module into Plutora will enhance the ability to track cloud spending and trends. Consequently, organizations will gain comprehensive and detailed billing reports, leading to tailored savings recommendations and increased operational efficiency.

Praveen Prabhakaran, Chief Delivery Officer at UST, expressed his enthusiasm about this partnership: “UST Cloud Manager is uniquely positioned to leverage the Release Engineering features of Plutora and help customers optimize the Cost to Serve. This is a stellar example of how the UST Smart Eco system is designed to build meaningful propositions.”

Muraleekrishnan Nair, Global Head of Cloud Infrastructure Services at UST, sees considerable benefits for customers from integrating Plutora into their competitive cloud offering: “Combining the strengths of these two leading solutions will make it easier to book cloud test environments, effectively allocate cloud resources and improve governance. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with Plutora and providing innovative technology that sets the bar in the rapidly changing cloud sector.”

Optimizing Cloud Operations with Plutora

Plutora CEO, Dalibor Siroky, expressed similar excitement about the collaboration: “This partnership brings together Plutora’s value stream management capabilities with UST’s innovative Cloud Manager, resulting in a unique platform for optimizing cloud operations. Not only will this drive cost efficiencies, but it will also empower companies with enhanced control over their cloud resources. Together with UST, we’re simplifying cloud management and helping businesses thrive in the digital age.”

Over the past two decades, UST has cemented itself as a crucial business transformation partner across various industries, with a keen focus on driving cloud transformation.

About UST

For over 23 years, UST has collaborated with the world’s leading companies to make a tangible impact through transformation. Fueled by technology, inspired by people, and led by purpose, UST partners with clients from design to operation, identifying core challenges, and crafting disruptive solutions that bring their vision to life. With deep domain expertise and a future-proof philosophy, they embed innovation and agility into their clients’ organizations, delivering measurable value and lasting change across industries worldwide. With over 30,000 employees in 30+ countries, UST touches billions of lives through its boundless impact.

About Plutora

Plutora stands as the market leader in value stream management solutions for enterprise IT, improving the speed and quality of software creation by capturing, visualizing, and analyzing critical indicators of the delivery process. It orchestrates release pipelines across diverse development methodologies, manages hybrid test environments, correlates data from existing toolchains, and incorporates test metrics gathered at every step. The Plutora Platform aligns software development with business strategy, providing visibility, analytics, and a system of insights into the entire value stream, thereby guiding continuous improvement.

This partnership between UST and Plutora signals a significant leap forward for the rapidly evolving cloud sector, promising streamlined operations, improved resource allocation, and substantial cost efficiencies.

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