Revolutionizing Healthcare: London’s Top 15 Hospital Startups

December 8, 2023

1. Patchwork: Reshaping Healthcare Staffing
Patchwork is a healthtech startup dedicated to solving the healthcare workforce crisis through flexible working solutions. Their innovative approach is changing how healthcare staffing is managed in London and beyond.

2. Locum’s Nest: Connecting Professionals Seamlessly
An award-winning platform, Locum’s Nest links healthcare professionals with available work efficiently, leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance the staffing process in hospitals.

3. Lifted: Personalizing Home Healthcare
Lifted offers a unique, user-centric home healthcare platform, revolutionizing the way home care is delivered and experienced.

4. DoctorLink: Streamlining GP Experiences
DoctorLink focuses on improving interactions between individuals and GPs, using technology to tackle the challenges of increasing demand in general practice.

5. Drfocused: Digital Solutions for Doctors
Drfocused is at the forefront of creating digital solutions aimed specifically at enhancing the working lives of doctors, emphasizing clinician-centered technology.

6. LocumTap: Efficient Staffing Management
LocumTap provides innovative software solutions for managing temporary staffing needs in healthcare organizations, streamlining the process for hospitals and staff alike.

7. SOSEcuador: Aid Through Technology
SOSEcuador represents a social campaign focused on fundraising to support Ecuador post-earthquake, showcasing the humanitarian aspect of healthcare technology.

8. Seed App: Empowering Personal Health
Seed App is a community-driven platform offering information, tools, and medical assistance for individuals seeking to take control of their health, catering to all genders and sexual orientations.

9. Apian: Integrating Drones in Healthcare
Apian stands out by integrating drone technology into the healthcare ecosystem, offering a scalable and sustainable solution to modern medical challenges.

10. Vi-Health: Pioneering in Medical Science
Vi-Health is leading the way in medical science and healthcare technology, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the industry.

11. B3 Digital Solutions: Next-Gen Healthcare Tech
B3 Digital Solutions specializes in developing advanced platform and AI solutions tailored for the healthcare sector, driving forward technological innovation.

12. AIMed: AI and Robotics in Medicine
AIMed is at the intersection of artificial intelligence, robotics, digital healthcare, Health IT, and big data, transforming the landscape of medical care.

13. Tiny Medical Apps: Digitizing Asthma Management
Tiny Medical Apps focuses on making essential asthma information accessible on smartphones, particularly for younger audiences.

14. Phoenix Hospital Group: Premier Private Healthcare
The Phoenix Hospital Group is known for its state-of-the-art private healthcare facilities, offering top-notch services in the heart of London.

15. Xyla Diagnostics: Advanced Diagnostic Imaging
Xyla Diagnostics specializes in providing high-quality diagnostic imaging services, essential for modern medical diagnostics.

These 15 startups exemplify the innovation and dedication thriving in London’s hospital industry, each playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of healthcare.

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