Sapphire Capital Partners LLP appoints NED Board Adviser Dr. Eric Warner

March 5, 2023

Dr. Warner has substantial experience in financial service firms and global capital markets from his time in the City of London with such firms as Société Générale and Security Pacific Hoare Govett. Additionally, he has experience in global private equity through senior roles in Mercer Consulting and Altius Associates. Latterly he has focused his efforts on private equity and venture capital, leading bespoke consultancy firm Absail Partners Ltd, that is a specialist business advisory firm providing strategic business consulting to tech-based start-ups and early-stage companies operating in the EMEA region (

In the course of his career, Dr. Warner has had significant dealings with the regulatory framework in the UK and EU, which has brought him to the notice of Sapphire.  Sapphire’s partners anticipate that the firm will benefit greatly from his experience in business strategy and management, as well as his capability to strengthen the firm’s governance and to facilitate the firm’s growth.

“I am delighted to join Sapphire in this capacity at a pivotal time in the firm’s business progression and look forward to working closely with the partners over the coming year”, says Eric.

“I am thrilled that Dr. Warner joins Sapphire as he is a truly committed business leader with an impressive track record and a wonderful person to work with. Boyd and I have been monitoring his value-added input on the companies he mentors for the past few years now. We feel very lucky to have found him and are looking forward to bringing his knowledge, guidance, and execution capabilities to Sapphire”, says Vasiliki Carson, Partner of Sapphire Capital Partners LLP.


Sapphire Capital Partners LLP: Sapphire is a discretionary fund management and consulting firm founded in 2009 that provides high-quality execution and administration services to the asset and wealth management sectors in the UK (

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