Spotlight on London’s Innovative Automotive Startups Reshaping the Industry

January 12, 2024

London is a city known for its immense startup culture. In no sector are London startups making a bigger impact than in the automotive industry. Since 2020, several groundbreaking startups with revolutionary ideas are shaping the future of this industry. For those interested in this intersection of technology, lifestyle, manufacturing, and logistics, here are some of the London-based automotive startups that have the potential to redefine the automotive industry.

These startups are harnessing the power of the latest computer, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cyber-security technologies, and more. Their operating arenas span from co-creation ventures to used vehicle inspection services, bringing together global luxury brands, vehicle management, and more.

So, whether you’re an investor, car enthusiast, tech expert, or somebody curious about London’s automotive industry, here’s introducing you to some of the most promising sector players who started their journey in 2020 or later. was founded by Anam Rahman and Sumit Sinha. This startup operates in automotive, fashion, software, and supply chain management. The company specializes in Fulfilment Management System (FMS), a technology that assists procurement teams and ensures timely inbound deliveries by detecting possible risks earlier. LinkedIn Profile

Riviera Circle

Founded by James Kenyon and Kemal Cenan, Riviera Circle is a unique application for supercar, performance and classic car owners. This startup aims to build a bridge between luxury car owners and global luxury brands via precise targeting. LinkedIn Profile Facebook Profile


Lendwheel is a forward-thinking platform connecting vehicle owners with potential hirers. It offers all-inclusive monthly car subscriptions, making transportation easier and more manageable for everyday drivers. LinkedIn Profile Facebook Profile


iPRODUCE offers a digital space to foster co-creation ventures in the automotive, electronics, manufacturing, and social sectors. It delivers a set of creative tools for generative product design and lifecycle management, emphasising co-creation techniques and training. LinkedIn Profile

Total Vehicle Checker

When it comes to identifying the history and legitimacy of a used vehicle before buying, Total Vehicle Checker can prove to be an invaluable resource. LinkedIn Profile Facebook Profile, founded by Jinal Shah and Mark Weston, provides an ideal companion to CISOs by pooling all cyber-related data points, automating reporting, and providing internal governance and external reporting services. LinkedIn Profile

Grayscale AI

Grayscale AI, led by founder Dragos Stanciu, is making strides in offering next-generation computer vision and neuromorphic AI solutions to boost efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance sustainability in the transportation and automotive sectors. LinkedIn Profile


James Hennessey’s Hypermile can be best described as a pioneer in the field of autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence within automotive logistics. LinkedIn Profile

Titan Academy

Titan Academy, founded by Max Teichert and Sam Marsden, is an institute focussed on the automotive, education, gaming, and simulation sectors. LinkedIn Profile

Pre Purchase Inspection

Pre Purchase Inspection provides a much-needed service to used vehicle buyers, offering mobile pre-purchase inspection services within a 60-mile radius of London. Facebook Profile


Zest Eco is an exciting player in the Electric Vehicle (EV) charging sector. Filling the gaps in the maturing public EV charging infrastructure in the UK, Zest Eco is democratizing EV adoption rapidly. LinkedIn Profile

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