Storm5 are proud to launch their online webinar series ‘Recruitment and Retention’, helping businesses make strategic and valuable hires.

March 24, 2023

RetailTech leaders, Storm5 launched the first episode of their new webinar series Recruitment & Retention: Active VS Passive Hiring? Which one is right for you? On the 21st of March

The world is constantly evolving which means the way that we hire, work, and build teams is changing. As businesses grow and more employees are hired, businesses are inevitably going to face many challenges with talent acquisition. Following the Great Resignation during the rise of Covid-19, businesses are struggling to retain top-quality talent. In the US, 3.98 million resignations were recorded on average every month during 2021, with the latest figures being 4.2 million resignations in the US in November 2022, suggesting that resignation is still an ongoing issue.

Storm5 aim to provide a solution to these problems by helping businesses navigate this new landscape with confidence and clarity. The first episode, which debuted on the 21st of March at 4:00 pm GMT, explored how to optimise the interview process, the advantage of building relationships with specialist recruiters, the benefit of opportunistic hires and the best practice for backfilling a position. Through these webinars, Storm5 hope to answer questions like: ‘What does active hiring look like in today’s market?’ ‘Is passive hiring still an option for start-ups?’ ‘What are some of the challenges of each approach?’ And ‘how do I measure success when employing either method?’

As RetailTech experts, Storm5 want to continue making an impact on the wider tech industry by sharing the knowledge they have about hiring and retaining top-quality talent.

“I think the deep domain of experience sets Storm5 apart from their competitors. The fact that they are not “source and send” resume pushers but truly specialised recruiters. I’ve found them to act on behalf of the client and do much of the work that typically placement agencies upward delegate back to the client. They studied both the industry, company, and landscape well and seemed to be thorough in their entire process.”

The webinar was hosted by Storm5’s very own Marie-Alice Lavergne, Commercial Associate Director of Storm5 UK, who moderated this conversation, exploring market insights and trends and how businesses can make the most of their opportunistic hires. Webinar speakers included Storm5’s founder, Olivier Kerckhove and Michael Weiss, Chief of Staff at PWCC who both shared expert knowledge on the best way to hire for your business and fulfil your business needs.

Marie-Alice Lavergne said: “I am thrilled to be the first host of Storm5’s 2023 Recruitment and Retention series. Join me as I explore the vital difference between active and passive hiring, and how understanding this can transform the way you build your team. Discover the power of actively seeking out top talent, rather than simply waiting for them to come to you and learn how to take control of your recruitment process for optimal results. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your hiring strategy!”

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