SwiftConnect and Cureoscity Partner to Revolutionize Workplace Experiences through Integrated Access Systems

July 5, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  1. SwiftConnect, a leading connected access enablement provider, and Cureoscity, a top occupier experience and property management platform, have announced a strategic partnership.
  2. Together, they aim to facilitate tenants’ access to spaces and resources through a single tenant experience app using NFC-enabled iPhones or Apple Watches.
  3. The collaboration aims to remove friction associated with accessing places, spaces, and things, thus improving user experience.

Innovative Employee Badge Access via Apple Wallet

SwiftConnect and Cureoscity are set to improve how tenants engage at workplaces by enabling them to access spaces and building resources via employee badges in Apple Wallet. The integration also supports digital wallets on Android devices, promising a seamless journey from the street to the office seat.

“We share a similar vision with SwiftConnect to allow people to have simpler, smarter, and more intuitive experiences in the workplace,” said Chris Coleman-Brown, CEO at Cureoscity. “We are dramatically improving the experience users have, and reducing the time that busy building and facilities management teams spend enabling building access for users and visitors.”

The partnership aims to enhance security, increase operational efficiency, and align commercial real estate companies with Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) strategy, reporting, and disclosure. This digitisation of buildings can lead to better space utilisation, reduced waste, and a transformation of the modern, hybrid workplace.

About SwiftConnect
SwiftConnect is a leader in connected access enablement, providing users with elegant ways to interact with places, spaces, and things. It integrates with existing mobile platforms, credential technologies, and business systems to centralize access management. For more information, visit www.swiftconnect.io

About Cureoscity
Cureoscity, an independent business powered by Grosvenor Hill Ventures, Savills’ proptech investment subsidiary, is a leading occupier experience and property management platform. The platform is used in over 1,000 individual destinations, covering an impressive combined area of 175 million square feet. For more information, visit https://cureoscity.com/

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