Swiss Technology From Wintrado Conquers the Forex Market

June 19, 2023

Wintrado Technologies, a leading Swiss financial software provider based in Lucerne, has made a name for itself by developing innovative Swiss-labelled B2B software solutions for the global financial market. Since its foundation in 2017, the company has expanded its presence in five countries and developed an impressive range of software solutions.

The first platform developed, Wintrado NEO, is an easy-to-use yet fun trading platform ideal for trading academies, trading beginners and gamers. Due to its functionality and reliability, Wintrado NEO has already achieved a leading position in the brokerage software market shortly after its launch.

Wintrado PRO, the company’s latest and most advanced development, offers traders countless possibilities, from market analysis and copy trading to affiliate programmes and competitions. With features such as four integrated bridges, two VoIP call systems, 16 payment providers and user inter- face in 18 languages, Wintrado PRO offers both desktop and mobile versions to meet all customers’ needs. With access to the liquidity and the US equities market provided by the partners, the plat- form is ready for further unlimited growth.

Wintrado Technologies trading platforms have gained high recognition in the industry for their quality and reliability. This is confirmed by the several software patents filed in the US and Ireland. With presence at the key global fintech trade expos in London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dubai and Limassol, the company is underlining its global recognition.

The rapid deployment of the Wintrado PRO platform, which enables any broker to go online within 3-5 days, is a further evidence of the Swiss company’s outstanding expertise.

Wintrado Technologies is determined to further prove its expertise, Swiss quality and reliability in the financial software business and strengthen even more its leading position in the market with the launch of the new PRO trading platform.


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