The Dawn of Sustainable Fashion: How Infor and Made2Flow are Revolutionizing the Industry

September 2, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Infor and Made2Flow have launched a dedicated interface for the fashion industry to enhance sustainability and traceability.
  • The interface will support brands in complying with upcoming environmental regulations like PEFCR and Digital Product Passport.
  • Real-time insights from the supply chain, from yarn to finished garments, will be provided to facilitate continuous environmental impact measurements.
  • The partnership aims to fill data gaps and offer actionable insights for both consumer-facing solutions and internal impact reduction activities.

About Infor and Made2Flow

Infor: A global leader in business cloud software, Infor specializes in delivering comprehensive solutions designed to offer sustainable operational advantages. With a presence in over 175 countries, Infor has more than 60,000 organizations relying on its suite of critical enterprise applications and services.

Made2Flow: Based in Germany, Made2Flow is a tech innovator that focuses on environmental impact measurement and decarbonization solutions in the fashion industry. The company serves various stakeholders from leading corporates to fashion brands and has data from over 5,000 suppliers globally across all tiers of the supply chain.

The Intersection of Fashion and Sustainability

Navigating the Complexity of Environmental Impact Measurement

The fashion industry is increasingly under scrutiny for its environmental footprint, with growing calls for transparency and accountability. The newly launched interface between Infor and Made2Flow comes as a timely response to the fashion brands looking to become more sustainable and transparent. This interface aims to simplify the intricate processes involved in calculating the environmental impact of garments, from CO2 emissions to water consumption.

“With more than 1,000 fashion customers globally, all of whom are at different stages of their sustainability journeys, we are delighted to have created this interface with Made2Flow to help supercharge the potential of what is possible,” comments Helene Behrenfeldt, Infor’s industry and solution strategy director for the fashion industry.

Filling the Data Gaps: The Power of Real-time Insights

Turning Data into Actionable Strategies

One of the most challenging aspects of sustainability in fashion is the lack of reliable data. The Infor-Made2Flow interface is designed to overcome these data gaps by capturing information from every aspect of the supply chain. This enables brands to gain real-time insights and predefined metrics, transforming the formerly nebulous area of sustainability into something quantifiable and actionable.

“Thanks to our Bill of Processes (BOP) engine, we manage to normalize data and allow brands and suppliers to understand their impact hotspots,” notes Tal Shogol, CEO of Made2Flow.

Regulatory Compliance and Beyond

Aiding in PEFCR and Digital Product Passport Adherence

Upcoming regulations like the Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules (PEFCR) and Digital Product Passport are set to impose stringent sustainability benchmarks on fashion brands. The Infor-Made2Flow interface will not just aid in regulatory compliance but will also serve as a tool for brands to self-impose higher sustainability standards.

The Future of Fashion Sustainability: What Lies Ahead

Towards a Low-Impact Industry

Made2Flow’s advanced technologies coupled with Infor’s comprehensive solutions will serve as a catalyst for a new era of sustainable fashion. The partnership is rooted in the belief that meaningful collaboration is crucial for the transition to a low-impact industry.

“Developing regulations force fashion brands to use impact measurement not only as a consumer-facing solution but also for internal purposes to control impact reduction activities in real-time. Thanks to the collaboration and interface with Infor, brands will be able to accurately measure their sustainability efforts and drive to faster impact reduction as an intuitive working tool and increase their sustainability ROI. At Made2flow, we are great believers in partnerships such as this one; it is the only way to transition to a low-impact industry,” says Tal Shogol.

The collaboration between Infor and Made2Flow marks a significant milestone in the fashion industry’s journey towards sustainability. By offering real-time insights and data-driven solutions, this interface promises to be a game-changer in the way fashion brands measure, report, and improve their environmental impacts. In a world where sustainability is no longer a buzzword but a business imperative, the Infor-Made2Flow partnership offers a blueprint for the industry’s sustainable future.

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