The Great Escape: Brits Flock Abroad Amid Summer Travel Boom

July 7, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Over half of Brits (52%) are planning summer holidays, with 42% choosing overseas destinations.
  • One third (34%) prefer holidaying in the UK, and 11% opt for multiple summer breaks, both at home and abroad.
  • About 13% remain undecided about their holiday plans.
  • Among holiday-makers, relaxation, exploration, and cultural immersion are top priorities.
  • Digital magazine and newspaper app Readly provides popular travel inspiration and insight.

About Readly

Readly is a digital magazine and newspaper app that offers unlimited access to over 7,000 titles. As a perfect companion for travelers or a rich source of holiday inspiration, Readly provides users with an extensive range of content from business, celebrity gossip, news to children’s comics and puzzles. The app is a sustainable choice for avid readers, offering an environmentally-friendly alternative to print reading materials.

Unpacking Summer Travel Trends

As summer temperatures rise in the UK, so too does the public’s eagerness to travel. Despite economic challenges, over half of the population (52%) are planning summer holidays, with 42% favouring international destinations. Conversely, 34% will be holidaying domestically in the UK, and 11% plan to enjoy multiple summer breaks both at home and abroad.

However, the YouGov research for Readly reveals that not all have firm plans in place. One in ten people (13%) remain undecided about their holiday plans, and 5% even intend to work from their overseas locations. Nevertheless, 29% are not planning a summer holiday at all.

Chris Couchman, Head of Content at Readly, observes: “We have seen lots of people reading our travel titles and articles recently as they seek to make holiday plans, for some this is the first time in several years. Data shows that many of our subscribers will be holidaying overseas this year with rail travel, camping and caravanning and European beach destinations in the top searches. Readly is the perfect choice for travel this summer and a sustainable way to read too.”

The British Holiday-maker: Preferences and Priorities

When it comes to holiday preferences, Brits lean towards relaxation. More than half (59%) are opting for a relaxing summer break, while others are keen to explore destinations (55%) and learn about different cultures (37%). This interest in exploration and cultural immersion perhaps stems from the limited overseas travel opportunities in recent years.

In terms of more specific holiday types, one in four people (23%) plan an active holiday, while one in ten (12%) are seeking a holiday that promotes creativity. Some are even hoping their holiday provides new inspiration (8%) or are keen on making green, sustainable holiday plans (5%).

Finding Inspiration: The Role of Digital Media

Interestingly, the YouGov research for Readly also reveals that almost half of the population (46%) derive their holiday inspiration from online searches or by asking family and friends. A significant percentage (17%) turn to social media for ideas, while one in ten (11%) draw inspiration from magazines.

As an app providing unlimited access to a diverse range of magazines and articles, Readly is a key player in the digital media landscape, serving as a hub for travel inspiration. Whether for research, relaxation, or reading while on the move, Readly is proving to be an indispensable companion for both aspiring and seasoned travelers alike.

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