The Green Genius: James de Roany, A Leading Pioneer in Sustainable Packaging

June 15, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  1. James de Roany, CEO of Green Gen Technologies, is awarded “Most Innovative CEO in the Sustainable Packaging Industry” by Business Worldwide Magazine.
  2. The recognition sheds light on the individual achievements of CEOs, rather than the success of the company, promoting them as inspiring examples to emulate.
  3. James de Roany, initially a vineyard manager, started developing eco-friendly alternatives to glass and plastics after attending COP21, leading to the creation of the Green Gen Bottle.
  4. The Green Gen Bottle is formed from a unique composite of plant fibers and bio-sourced resin, offering a fresh perspective on packaging and transportation of liquids.
  5. The first customer of the Green Gen Bottle was the prestigious cognac house, A. de Fussigny.

About Green Gen Technologies

Green Gen Technologies, led by CEO James de Roany, stands at the forefront of the sustainable packaging revolution. The company is the brainchild behind the Green Gen Bottle, an innovative product made from a special composite based on plant fibers and bio-sourced resin. The bottle is a testament to the company’s commitment to reducing environmental impact, reshaping packaging design that has existed for several centuries.

The Innovative Mind Behind Green Gen: James de Roany

James de Roany, with a successful career managing vineyards, has been named “Most Innovative CEO in the Sustainable Packaging Industry” in the 2023 CEO Awards by Business Worldwide Magazine. The award focuses on honoring the most esteemed C-level executives globally across various sectors, emphasizing the individuals who drive their corporations’ success.

In the pursuit of lessening environmental impact, James ventured into exploring alternative materials to conventional glass and plastics post-COP21. After rigorous research and development, the groundbreaking Green Gen Bottle was introduced.

The Birth of a Green Revolution: The Green Gen Bottle

Formed from a unique composite of plant fibers and bio-sourced resin, the Green Gen Bottle presents a novel approach to packaging and transporting liquids. The inception of this bottle underscores James de Roany and his team’s commitment to innovating sustainable solutions. The bottle’s debut was highly acclaimed, securing their first customer in A. de Fussigny, a renowned cognac house, in early 2023.

In conversation with Business Worldwide Magazine, James de Roany shared, “I’ve sent many bottles to places all around the world. Today, we have to think differently. After the amphora, the cask, and the bottle, it’s time to find alternative packaging solutions. Our ambition is to shake up the design of a type of packaging that’s existed for several centuries.”

Continuing the Journey to Sustainability

To stay updated on the future chapters of Green Gen Technologies’ transformative journey, visit their website. The company continues to break barriers in the sustainable packaging industry, ushering a new era where innovation meets responsibility.

About Business Worldwide Magazine

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To learn more about the Business Worldwide CEO Awards, visit their website.

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