The Lens on London: Pioneering Photography Startups You Should Know About

October 5, 2023

1. AfricanPhotos Magazine
Shining a Spotlight on the African Continent
Bringing news and entertainment to millions of Africans, this digital media giant is not just capturing moments but also capturing hearts across the continent.

2. 100ASA
Connecting the World Through Lenses
A global hub for photographers, 100ASA offers a unique platform for artists to showcase their work, receive feedback, and even monetize their artistry.

3. Albumera
Democratizing Professional Photography
With a mission to make quality photography accessible to everyone, Albumera is a game-changer in the visual narrative industry.

4. Bafter
The Future of Photo-Enhanced Case Studies
Transforming the way teams display their success stories, Bafter makes creating detailed, visually-stunning case studies a breeze.

5. Sunshine Photo Cart
Empowering Photographers with E-Commerce
An indispensable tool for modern photographers, Sunshine Photo Cart provides a seamless platform for selling photos directly from your website.

6. infltr – for infinite filters
Revolutionizing Mobile Photography Editing
With infltr, you can now apply and adjust filters even before snapping that perfect shot, offering unparalleled flexibility in mobile photography.

7. ONQOR Group
Where Marketing Meets Photography
Bridging the gap between technology and art, ONQOR Group provides an integrated approach to photography and marketing.

8. Recent Spaces
3D Renderings Come to Life
Leading the charge in 3D visualization, Recent Spaces crafts hyper-realistic renderings that blur the line between virtual and reality.

9. phlow
Crafting Visual Stories Through Passion
By curating content based on users’ passions, phlow is redefining how we discover and consume photography online.

10. SilverHub Media
Refreshing the Editorial Landscape
Founded in 2016, SilverHub Media injects fresh perspectives and approaches to the world of editorial photography.

11. I Feel Art
An Artistic Haven for Visual Enthusiasts
From paintings and drawings to photography, I Feel Art offers a rich tapestry of visual arts available for purchase.

12. Pocket Creatives
Your Go-To for Media Production
With a holistic approach to visual content creation, Pocket Creatives stands out as a leader in media production and photography.

13. Shock
Connecting the World, One Photo at a Time
Shock’s unique location-based photo-sharing platform fosters connections and conversations among users worldwide.

14. We Are Kitty
Where Technology Meets Aesthetic
Balancing brand requirements with consumer needs, We Are Kitty crafts exceptional experiences rooted in technology and design.

15. Domeble
Driving Visual Excellence in the Automotive World
Domeble supplies the automotive and gaming industries with unmatched CGI backplates, 360° HDRI’s, and super-res VR assets.

Whether you’re an enthusiast, professional, or simply an admirer of the art, these London-based startups are shaping the future of photography. Keeping an eye on them might just offer a snapshot into the future of the industry.

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