Total Multimedia (Tmmi) Expands Development Team With Former Chief Executive of the London Ritz Casino

December 7, 2022

Total Multimedia – TMM, Inc. (“TMMI” or the “Company”) (OTC PNK: TMMI). Web site:

President and CEO, Susan Bala has added international business developer and former chief executive of the iconic London Ritz Hotel Casino operations, Roger Marris to advise and lead new projects for the TMMI development team.

Mr. Marris focus will be on research and development in e-commerce, crypto currency, tokenization, and will examine new strategies to combine TMMI with other technologies, identify strategic partnerships and explore the gaming and metaverse environments for the Company.

A former British Army Major, Mr. Marris is an experienced operational leader with expertise in the technology and gaming sectors in USA, UK and Europe. Most recently serving as CEO and COO of the world-renowned London Ritz Hotel Casino, for both retail and online operations, he successfully steered the business to attract new international customers and grew the Ritz from an underperforming business into being awarded the International Casino of the Year in 2019. He led his team through a transformation strategy to appeal to emerging global audiences across a multichannel portfolio (retail, mobile and online) of branded experiences, increasing turnover and engagement with a consequent increase in enterprise revenue.

Mr. Marris has global business experience in on-line technology across multiple sectors spanning retail, luxury, e-commerce, entertainment, crypto currency, and on-line applications. Since leaving the Ritz, Roger Marris has been advising a leading US based metaverse company identifying new business opportunities and partnerships in technology, gaming and systems.

Roger accepted the appointment saying, “It is an exciting new global marketplace. I believe my experience in adapting business to new strategies is aligned with the leadership at TMMI. I have designed multiple applications in crypto, tokenization, and e-business that I believe serve the development of new avenues at TMMI.”


TMMI TRUDEF Video Player with its patented TRUSCALETM  hardware accelerated upscaler, also available as a bundled home entertainment solution.  TMMI’s legacy technologyTRUDEF™ Fractal Video codec and its high efficiency TRUDEF™ Player developed for cinema quality 4K playing directly from physical media. TMMI patent pending suiteTRUPIX™, TRUSCALE™ and TRUZOOM™ – hardware accelerated, real time suite of video scaling solutions for the high-resolution market.


Garrett Brown – Cinematographer, USPTO Inventors Hall of Fame, Oscar and Emmy award winning inventor of the Steadicam™, Skycam™, Swimcam™, and Divecam™.

Mung Chiang – PHD, EE Waterman winning Professor at Princeton University. Recipient of the Simon Guggenheim Fellowship in engineering, founder of Princeton’s EDGE Lab – connecting network theory with real world applications, investigating global bandwidth issues.

Hal Lipman – Emmy award winner, former executive NFL films.

Ted Schilowitz – Co-founder of RED Digital Cinema, “cinemavangelist” to major Hollywood studio and cinema Technology Company.

Charles Wright – Founder and President of Fall River Investments, author and investment advisor.

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