April 10, 2023

Vistex, the leading provider of rights and royalty software solutions in the music industry, is pleased to announce that the IMPF — Independent Music Publishers International Forum — has added Vistex to its distinguished list of “Friends and Supporters.”

Launched in 2021, IMPF’s “Friends and Supporters” category is aimed at commercial companies whose mission is to maintain an open and transparent relationship with the independent music publishing community worldwide, aligned with that of IMPF.

Amos Biegun, Global Head of Rights and Royalties at Vistex said: “Vistex is delighted to have become a Friend and Supporter of IMPF, joining a long list of incredible companies and members that form the organization. As the world leader in copyright, royalties and licensing software to the music publishing industry, Vistex looks forward to working with IMPF and its members to ensure that the solutions we provide the industry remain at the forefront of IMPF members’ needs.”

IMPF President Annette Barrett said: “A big focus for IMPF is helping to ensure independent publishers businesses are fully optimised for the modern digital music eco-system, so that they are able to compete on a level playing field, and make sure their clients are remunerated fully, fairly and transparently. We look forward to working with Vistex for the benefit of our members worldwide.”

About IMPF

IMPF (Independent Music Publishers International Forum) is the global network for independent music publishers. IMPF represents the interests of indie music publishers internationally, shares experiences and best practices, exchanges information on the copyright and legal framework in different territories and jurisdictions, and helps stimulate a more favorable environment for artistic, cultural and commercial diversity for songwriters, composers and publishers everywhere.

About Vistex

Vistex solutions help businesses take control of their mission-critical processes. With a multitude of programs covering pricing, trade, royalties and incentives, it can be complicated to see where all the money is flowing, let alone how much difference it makes to the topline and the bottomline. With Vistex, business stakeholders can see the numbers, see what really works, and see what to do next – so they can make sure every dollar spent or earned is really driving growth, and not just additional costs.

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