Zappi Releases Amplify 2.0 to Help Marketers Unlock New Levels of Creative Effectiveness

May 6, 2023

Zappi, the leading consumer insights platform designed for creators, today announced the release of Amplify 2.0, a consumer-centric ad development system that enables marketers to inspire, optimize and validate their digital and TV advertisements at every stage of their creation process.

Amplify 2.0 combines the best thinking in advertising research to provide an accurate and highly predictive measure of an advertisement’s ROI, and a set of indicators to optimize creative so it drives long-term value for the brand. Zappi utilizes a unique, three-part framework across System 1 emojis, in context and System 2 forced exposure to build a holistic view of ad performance. This framework, called the “Three R’s” includes:

  • Reach: Measuring brand recall, creative and brand distinctiveness, and viewer retention to understand an ad’s potential to stand out in the context of today’s crowded media environment.
  • Resonance: Tracking second-by-second emotional response while consumers view the creative, so brands can understand when viewers are most engaged or where they can optimize the story to be relevant and make consumers feel good.
  • Response: Observing how creative impacts brand appeal and purchase uplift to spark a strong consumer response and brand consideration.

Consumer feedback across this framework is combined and compared against country, category and brand-specific benchmarks to determine creative effectiveness. Amplify 2.0 has been used to develop and optimize over 6,000 ads, providing a robust comparative benchmark that dynamically evolves with each new data point. The result is an effectiveness score with a rigorous methodology that provides a predictive assessment of how consumers respond to the advertisement, while also identifying optimization opportunities to iterate and improve work.

47% of sales impact in advertising is built on effective creative content. This is more than the impact of audience reach and targeting, combined,” said Steve Phillips, CEO and co-founder of Zappi. “Marketers are awash with post-launch datasets that enable them to understand, on-demand, what is working so they can scale and optimize their efforts. But pre-launch, creators are underserved with the data they need to inspire, optimize and validate their ideas. Zappi’s Amplify 2.0 is leveraged by leading, global consumer brands to bring their best ideas to the forefront time and time again.”

Co-developed by some of the world’s leading consumer brands, like PepsiCo, McDonald’s, and Reckitt, Amplify 2.0 is an iterative system that learns from every new data point, allowing brands to take an agile development process to understand what works, what doesn’t and gain tangible ways to optimize their ideas. On the Zappi platform, brands own every data point, and can use them to form a comprehensive, living benchmark of advertising performance, leading to exponential increases in creative effectiveness over time.

Stephan Gans, SVP and Chief Consumer Insights and Analytics Officer at PepsiCo says: “Since partnering with Zappi, we have seen our creative effectiveness improve by almost a third across all our advertising. This equates to PepsiCo gaining hundreds of millions in value from greater creative effectiveness this year.”

Inspire your ideas and validate your creations so you can create better advertising. To find out more, visit


Zappi is the leading consumer insights platform designed for creators – the insights professionals, marketers and product innovators that bring fresh, new ideas to life each day. More than 350 of the world’s most progressive brands use the Zappi platform to better understand consumers, accelerate innovation pipeline, and optimize ads and products before they go to market with pre-launch data.

Zappi has been recognized as one of the hottest martech companies in 2022 by Business Insider and recognized by Newsweek and Comparably for its engaging and inclusive workplace culture. With offices in Boston, London and Cape Town, we are a distributed team where career growth is equitable for everyone.

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