1Fit, Central Asia’s top all-sports unlimited fitness membership app, comes to the UK

February 20, 2023

1Fit, developer of unlimited fitness membership app of the same name, announced its launch in the UK. Starting this February, Londoners will be the first to try out the custom all-in-one membership to gyms, studios and various activity classes.

Developers position 1Fit as an easier and more affordable way to select, organize and pay for all user-selected activities, with no hidden fees, lines, and other issues they might run into with similar services.

Beginning as a startup based in the USA, 1Fit skyrocketed to market leadership in 3 of the largest countries in Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan. 1Fit is a cash flow positive startup with high metrics, such as 72% gross profit margin. In 2022 the company made $12 mln in revenue, showing a 151% year-on-year growth.

What sets 1Fit apart from the competition is its business model. For example, some of the competing services previously ran into demand-supply issues, where they had a large user base, all wishing to go to the same highly popular clubs and gyms, which didn’t have enough slots to provide.

“What we offer is an unlimited model”, said Murat Alikhanov, co-founder and CEO of 1Fit. “This is much better and more beneficial for users, since we do not limit them in any way. They can choose whatever gyms they want and go there as much as they desire. Previously we tested the viability of this approach on a 50 000 strong audience and learned to maintain this system on this level or higher.”

In the 3 countries where the service launched earlier, most partners elected to stop selling their membership separately from 1Fit, switching to exclusive cooperation with the company, seeing it as the more beneficial model. Developers plan to implement the same system in the UK as well.

About 1Fit

1Fit is an international company, developer of the mobile app of the same name.

At the 2022 Web Summit in Lisbon, the startup was named the most demanded among investors.

1Fit is the fastest-growing startup in Central Asia:

  • 50,000+ customers in three countries
  • US$12m+ annual revenue
  • cash flow positive

1Fit is among Kazakhstan’s top 30 mobile apps, according to Forbes, with co-founder & CEO Murat Alikhanov being a member of Forbes “30 under 30” list.

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